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Biography: Adam Shaw

Adam Shaw


Others say

"Adam Shaw’s presentation was enlightening."

"Excellent delivery with an interesting way of getting the sometimes hard going content across. Adam was a very friendly approachable guy who was willing to help us out with other aspects of our event.The audience response was very positive and his speech was well received. It was a great way to end the event. We would definitely recommend Adam for any speaking engagement."
Durham Business School

"It was an excellent evening enjoyed by all. We received many spontaneous compliments for Adam’s excellent talk from the guests. Everyone agreed it was a winning combination of humour, business insight and a uniquely global perspective that prompted fresh thinking. We would be very happy to recommend him as a speaker."
Market Gravity Awards

"Adam is an absolute gem for our webinars. He researches the subject countries - and has visited many of them anyway for his television work - so his contribution is always enlightening. His presentation and delivery are perfect. He has a lively manner, involves the other speakers - but won't let them off the hook if they give a bland answer, and that helps to create the webinar's 'live' feel and keeps the audience involved."

Adam Shaw is a well-known financial journalist and presents for the BBC One show ‘Panorama’, he has appeared on a host of financial programmes on both TV and Radio. Adam is an adept and well-respected conference facilitator and after dinner speaker.

Adam began his television career on the BBC Two lunchtime economics programme ‘Working Lunch’ and has since become a regular presenter of ‘Panorama’ and ‘Horizons’on BBC World News. He has also presented a host of non-finance related programmes including ITV’s ‘Cook Me the Money’ a show about the difficulties of starting a Pop up restaurant and property show ‘Drive to Buy’. Adam presented the BBC show ‘The Dame Game’ which researched the history of the Pantomine and the Pantomine Dame.

"It was great working with Adam, his delivery was brilliant and our client was very pleased so thank you."
FTSE 100 company

Adam has also had a successful career on the radio and appeared on Radio 4’s ‘Today Programme’ as the senior business presenter, his other radio shows include Financial World Tonight and Wake Up to Money. He has also written for reputable publications such as The Independent and The Mail on Sunday, he also wrote a light-hearted political quote book titled ‘Political Rhubarb’. Other books that he has written or co-authored include ‘'Money and How To Make More Of It', 'Managing Credit' and 'Investing Basics'.

Adam has won a host of broadcasting awards such as ‘Best Broadcast Journalist of the Year from the Association of Investment Companies' and Financial Broadcaster of the Year from the ‘Association of British Insurers’. Adam has also received the Plain English Campaign Award for Broadcaster of the year for simplifying the language used in business and finance. Adam was also the Proshare personality of the year for two years in a row.

Adam is a sought after conference facilitator and after dinner speaker due to his vast experience hosting and speaking at corporate events. His experience working with the Royal Shakespeare Company has stood him on good stead and he is a natural in front of audiences, keeping them entertained throughout.  

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