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Alex Hunter


Speakers Corner says

“He laces humour in to his talks but still manages to focus on the important topics.”

Others say

"Entertaining, relevant and quite inspirational…one of our best events ever."

"Very engaging. His personable style meant that the subject matter was easily absorbed and interest was held throughout."
News International

Alex Hunter is a company incubator, angel investor, and branding expert. He was responsible for getting Virgin America off the ground and then as Head of Online Marketing for the Virgin Group, curated both the Virgin brand and Sir Richard Branson’s digital strategy. In speeches and workshops, Alex demonstrates how to create a meaningful bond with online customers by showing a human side, and he examines the future of the customer experience in relation to technology and travel though storytelling.

If anyone knows about launching a start-up and the power of branding, it’s Alex Hunter. A company incubator, angel investor, and keynote speaker, Alex is bestowed with a quirky charm, and a unique insight into the effect a powerful marketing campaign can have on a product.

Having previously served as an adviser to the Prince of Wales' Rainforest Trust specifically around the use of social media and engagement to propagate the Trusts' message, Alex's work has been featured in the best-selling book "The Whuffie Factor" by Tara Hunt. He has been a mentor at the annual SeedCamp venture capital and angel funding event in London and South Africa, helping young companies refine their marketing and branding before pitching to some of the most influential VCs in the tech community.

"Exceptional. A truly gifted speaker."
Royal College of Nursing

Alex is also influential and impressive in the realms of customer service and customer experience.

Previously, Alex served as the global Head of Online Marketing for the Virgin Group, curating the Virgin brand's global digital strategy. Before joining the Virgin Group, Alex was based in California at Virgin America, where he used the web to build a grassroots marketing campaign to garner public support for Virgin America's certification process on a tight schedule and even tighter budget. The campaign was covered by Time magazine, CNN, and CNBC, amongst others. He also oversaw the front-end development of Virgin America's website which has since won several accolades including ad:tech and Webby Award honors.

After Virgin, Alex served as the Chief Executive of a venture-backed digital music company, with investment from the backers of Twitter, Tumblr, Medium, and Kickstarter. He steered the company from pre-alpha to a Series A financing, a successful international M&A deal, and multi-national growth in under a year.

With a focus on travel, he speaks about the future of the consumer experience, and how businesses must take the nimbleness, creativity and pragmatism from the start-up world, with a sprinkling of emerging technologies, to continue with business as usual, just with more focus and some investment in technology.

Now working on a travel app and a web-based show, Alex is also writing book about the future of travel.

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Interview with Alex Hunter


How did you get into corporate speaking?


Completely by accident. We were doing some fun stuff at Virgin and a fellow American in the UK called Ryan Carson had just started up his conference company. I was introduced to him via a mutual friend and he took a chance on me. He invited me to speak at a small conference to talk about what Virgin what was working on. I opened my speech with a joke, it got some laughs, and I was totally hooked from then on.


If you could speak at any event, past or future, what would it be?


I would love to go back and talk to my secondary school speech day. I know it doesn’t sound particularly ambitious or exciting but I endured five years of excruciatingly dull, Irrelevant speeches that I think it would be fun to go back and try to give the kind of speech I would’ve liked to have heard when I was 17


What can a typical corporate audience learn from your experiences?


One of my core focuses is loyalty; how do you convert that casual visitor into a lifelong customer? But not just marketing tactics or tricks, more the fundamental tenets that a company needs to embrace throughout its entire business to ensure that every level of the organization understands and appreciates the ingredients for loyalty. I like to explore this at the intersection with digital because then I think you have an extraordinarily powerful platform for businesses in the 21st-century.


What’s your favourite way to spend a Sunday?


That’s easy, with my kids!

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