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Biography: Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls


Others say

"I have never had such a positive reaction to a guest speaker before, the team were simply enthralled - an inspiration to all who listened! Somehow you still managed to make the challenges we face in our jobs relevant on a personal level to yours."
Trading Director, Coca Cola Enterprises Ltd

"Bear was exceptionally well received by the audience; we thought he scored 10 out of 10."
BP International

"Your talk went down extremely well with all of our audience, I received special thank you letters from the Chief Executives saying that your speech was the most entertaining we have had to date. One of the best speakers weve had in years."

"Our thanks for your professional and inspirational contribution to our lunch, the combination of your particular style and breathtaking video was entirely appropriate and hit all the right notes."

Born survivor, Man Vs Wild star Bear Grylls can do what no man has done before – whatever that may be! Breaking records, bones and barriers is his USP, with charm, wit and a TV face sealing the deal for this household name.

Part of the British Special Forces, Bear discovered adventuring as a Specialist Combat Survival Instructor and Patrol Medic . Courageous and determined, in 1997 he became the Youngest Briton to climb Mount Ama Dablam in the Himalayas, which was famously described by Sir Edmond Hillary as ‘unclimbable’. As a result, Bear’s book, ‘Facing Up’ has become an international best seller.

Bear always dreamt of climbing Everest, but only 30 Brits have achieved this feat, and with the death of one climber for every six that reaches the peak and makes it back alive, the odd were against him.
And that was before he broke his back in three places.

A near fatal parachuting accident in Africa left the intrepid and indefatigable Bear physically inert for almost a year. Narrowly escaping a lifetime of paralysis, full of unimaginable pain and despair, Bear’s sheer grit and resolve are the reasons he recovered.

"There are precious few people in this world who can really make a difference in a positive way, you are one. Many thanks for all you are doing for BA. It is so good for our people to hear and learn from someone who has done so much in a world so different from ours."
Chief Executive, British Airways

As soon as he regained full mobility, he started to plan his expedition.

The ascent took ninety days through extreme weather conditions, minimal sleep and Oxygen deprivation in the upper regions of the ‘death zone’ (above 26,000 feet). On May 26th, 1998 at 07.22am, at just 23 years old, Bear Grylls entered The Guinness Book of Records as The Youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest.

Bear the media figure was also on his way to stardom, as one of his adventures was documented as part of the award winning, ‘Sure For Men’ advertising campaign. On the way down from his first Everest reconnaissance climb, he narrowly cheated death when the ice cracked and he fell into a 1,000 foot deep crevasse, was knocked unconscious and came to swinging on the end of a rope.

In 2007 Bear became the first man to fly a powered paraglider above Mount Everest, in the process raising over $1 million for charity. An eco-warrior at heart, Bear used wind powered kite skiing, bio-ethanol powered jet-skis and electric powered paragliders on the expedition.

Bear also led a Jet Ski team around the UK testing a pioneering new fuel made from rubbish. He also owns a nature reserve in Wales, and became the first person to cross the Atlantic via the Arctic Circle in an open rigid inflatable boat, in aid of The Prince’s Trust.

A popular TV contributor to Ready, Steady Cook, Ainsley’s Meals in Minutes, This Morning, Through The Keyhole, and so many more, Bear is as comfortable in front of a camera as behind a dog-pulled sleigh. He has presented on The National Geographic ‘Young Explorers’ series and written articles for The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph.

Bear was also used by the UK Ministry of Defence to head the Army's anti-drugs TV campaign.

His first major Channel 4 Series, ‘Escape to the Legion', saw him simulating basic training with Legionaires in North Africa. Bear was then commissioned to present 'Man Vs Wild' on the Discovery Channel Worldwide, and 'Born Survivor: Bear Grylls', went on to become the No. 1 cable show in the US.  The accompanying book 'Born Survivor' spent 10 weeks on the Sunday Times Bestseller List.

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