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Graeme Codrington


Others say

"Graeme did an excellent job moderating the DHL Innovation Day. He ensured that we were with all panels on time and asked the right questions during the discussions. He also ensured the right set up with our CCO and Head of Innovation."

"His content had substance and was very relevant to what is important to our business. His delivery was engaging. He was very amenable to our needs and aligned himself to the messages / themes of the day without diluting his own message."

"Graeme was the model and modest professional. Nothing an issue, very clear on what he needed from me...His TIDES keynote was very enjoyable - entertaining, well paced and provoked a lot of thought and discussion subsequently. Post event the surveyed feedback overwhelmingly rated Graeme and his contribution to the day as excellent."
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Graeme Codrington, keynote speaker, author, futurist, facilitator and strategy consultant, is an expert on the new world of work and multi-generational workplaces. With a unique style and perspective he blends cutting-edge research with humour to create innovative and inspiring multimedia-driven presentations and workshops.

Graeme's special interest in how trends affect people's lives, leads him to speak on the TIDES of change – the five disruptive forces shaping the new world of work in the next decade: Technology, Institutional change, Demographics, the Environment and shifting Social values.

"The content of the presentation was really powerful. I particularly liked his direct approach to our audience."
HLB International

Co-founder of TomorrowToday, a global firm of futurists and business strategists, Graeme is also a guest lecturer at four top business schools, including the London Business School. He is a member of the World Future Society, The Institute of Directors, the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry, the SA Market Research Association, the Global Federation of Professional Speakers and MENSA.

Graeme has published three best-selling books, including the award winning, “Mind the Gap” and “Future-Proof Your Child”.

Graeme has shared conference platforms with Edward de Bono, Jonas Ridderstrale, Sir Ken Robinson and Neil Armstrong, and has been the recipient of numerous awards for corporate speaking and conference facilitation, including “Speaker of the Year” by the Academy for Chief Executives.

Graeme's Speaking Topics

  • Facilitator
  • Futurist
  • Keynote speaker
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Customer Service
  • Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Creativity

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Interview with Graeme Codrington


Can you leave us with an inspirational/innovative one liner from your speech?


If the rate of change outside your system is exceeding the rate of change inside your system, then you are becoming extinct!


How did you get into corporate speaking?


Back in the mid 1990s I was doing work as a youth worker, and completing a Masters in Sociology. I was part of a team that completed a massive survey of youth attitudes (interviewing over 3,000 young people), and this became the basis of a research paper called “Y2K: Youth 2000” in which we predicted what young people in the 21st century would be like. Although the survey was actually aimed at assisting schools, charities, churches and the like, corporates picked up on it very quickly and began requesting me to come and speak to their marketing and HR departments. In 2001, I teamed up with a small company of consultants who could add more insights and assist companies with the roll out of new ideas. That became my current company, TomorrowToday. I continue to be the primary presenter in the team, which has since grown to about 20 people worldwide.


Which event has been your favourite and why?


In 15 years of corporate speaking, I am not sure I have one favourite event. My favourite events are those where you know you’ve connected deeply with the audience and made a big different. I also enjoy sharing the stage with some of the world’s top experts. If I were forced to choose one event above others, it would probably be an event a few years ago in Vienna where I shared the stage with Markus Buckingham and W. Chan Kim, and the set up was quite innovative requiring me to walk between three different stages during my 45 minute talk. My favourite country to present in is Iran, as the audience treats you like a rock star.


Why do you enjoy being a speaker?


I actually don’t get that much of a “buzz” from “being on stage” or from applause from the audience. I am an extreme introvert (not shy, but just get my energy from being alone), and so it isn’t about being in front of people for me. I love it when I see the lights going on in people’s eyes; when you see them having an “aha moment”. And then, to get feedback from people years later to hear that you made a difference, and were a catalyst for change in their lives – nothing beats that. I suppose I also love it because I am good at it. It’s great to have found something you both enjoy and are good at, and then be able to make a career of it. I feel very privileged.


If you could speak at any event, past or future, what would it be?


The inauguration of John F Kennedy


What do you think will be the biggest trend in 2014?


The rise of augmented intelligence.


Who would you most like to share a platform with?


I’ve had the privilege of sharing the platform with many people from my “bucket list”, including Neil Armstrong, Edward de Bono, Ken Robinson, Michael Porter, Kofi Annan, FW de Klerk and others. Still on my list would be Hans Rosling, Bill Clinton and Elon Musk.


What do you do to ensure your presentation has a lasting impact?


A few simple things: get as full an understanding of the delegates as possible: who are they, what do they need, how will my session help. Then adjust and customize the content as much as possible to speak to their situation. Where possible, finally, provide assistance after the event to help them take the message back to their offices.


What can a typical corporate audience learn from your experiences?


I suppose one of my unique selling points is my global experience. I have worked in over 20 countries a year for the last five years, totaling more than 60 countries now. I work across industries and sectors, and bring a holistic view. Delegates will learn about the disruptive forces that are shaping the world around us, and how those forces will shape their world in the near future. I hope they will also catch a glimpse of why I am so excited about the time we’re living in.


Where do you see the events industry in 10 years time?


There will still be an events industry, as the value of meeting face to face is still important. I hope though that there will be less emphasis on content driven sessions, and more emphasis on interaction, proper learning (as opposed to just data dumping) and more time for reflection between sessions.


What’s your favourite way to spend a Sunday?


Playing with my girls, spending time with my family, having a barbecue, falling asleep in front of sport on the telly. In reality, Sunday often involves packing a suitcase and heading for the airport.


What personal ambition must you fulfill before you die?


A tough question. I am not sure I work this way – with these types of driving ambitions. I wouldn’t mind visiting every country in the world before I die, but that’s not a compulsion. I don’t know is the best answer.


What’s your favourite recent invention?


Google glass is pretty cool. And 3d printers are awesome (I have one). But for the sheer scale of how the world is changing, it must be the smartphone.

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