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Biography: Gyles Brandreth

Gyles Brandreth


Others say

"Gyles caught the mood of the evening very well and in our view he was one of the very best speakers we have heard for several years. Gyles was also most helpful in conversing easily with Russian and mexican Ambassadors which they enjoyed enormously"
Energy Industries Council

"Gyles showed a remarkable facility to understand and relate to IFT's audience. With noticeable intelligence, kindness and relevant wit, he uplifted, entertained and informed. Exceedingly professional, huge fun and exceeded our best expectations."

"Gyles was great with guests and quickly assessed the mood of the audience."
Birmingham Chamber of Commerce - Accelerate

"Faultless - an absolute professional who made the evening for us. On top of that Gyles is a thouroughly nice and approacheable man - he is our no.1 choice for any future events."
Jet Airways

Gyles Brandreth is a writer, broadcaster and former Conservative MP; he is a charismatic and engaging after dinner speaker. Gyles’ speaking talent is evident from his ability to speak for twelve and a half hours and he featured in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest ever speech.

Gyles has appeared in numerous television shows including ‘Countdown’, ‘The Mitchell and Webb Look’, and ‘Have I Got News for You’. He also appeared on the stage playing Baron Hardup in Cinderella.

As a politician, Gyles was a member of the Conservative party and MP for the City of Chester. He was also Lord Commissioner of the Treasury during John Major’s government. When his political career came to an end, Gyles appeared on numerous radio shows including Radio 4’s ‘Westminster Hour’ and ‘Just a Minute’.

"Gyles delivered a very humorous after dinner speech that was well geared to the audience and he showed great patience and authority during the briefing beforehand with our client."
Animo Conferences

Gyles is a talented writer and wrote ‘Breaking the Code’, a book about his time in Westminster which received great reviews from The Times. He is also the editor at large of the Sunday Telegraph Review, correspondent for CBS News, and presenter of LBC’s weekly arts and entertainment programme for ITN Radio.

Gyles attended Oxford University and is President of the Oxford Union as well as artistic director of the Oxford Theatre Festival. He has also co-produced three plays in the West End and wrote and perfomed in ‘Zipp!’ a musical comedy revue, which was given the ‘Most Popular Show’ award at Edinburgh Festival in 2002. 

Gyles is member of Trevor McDonald’s Better English campaign and the founder of the National Scrabble Championships.

Gyles is an adept after dinner speaker and conference facilitator; he brings charisma and class to corporate events and will keep the audience engaged throughout. 

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Interview with Gyles Brandreth


How did working in the corporate sector start?


It began 40 years ago when I was President of the Oxford Union and was taken up by the UK's leading speakers' agency at the time as a "student who can tell business what Britain's youth is all about"! Since then, I have gone on addressing corporate audiences - but obviously with the experience of my later working life within the media, as a businessman myself, as an MP and at the Treasury.


Can you remember your first speaking engagement?


Yes, I was 17 and addressed an educational conference at the New York Hilton. I was very excited to get a standing ovation.


And your last event?


Yesterday: 1700 senior business figures at the Grosvenor House Hotel. I was still very excited to get a standing ovation!.


Which event has been your favourite and why?


Probably sharing a platform with Tony Blair at the WI - when he was given the slow hand-clap and I got a standing ovation! Speaking at the Kremlin was memorable. Ditto speaking at Buckingham Palace...


Which artist/comedian/entertainer do you most admire?


The most impressive speakers I have heard in person are Bill Clinton and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. As far as comedy goes, I've had the privilege of seeing the likes of Bob Hope and Ken Dodd in their prime. I worked a lot with Kenneth Williams: he was a very funny man and a genius of a raconteur...

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