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Biography: Hagai Segal

Hagai Segal


Others say

"The lecture you gave for us was a complete success... Your ability to connect to such a diverse group of Bankers and Law Enforcement officials was what made the lecture such a complete success"
Vice President and Chief Investigator, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

"Hagai's presentations are always excellent – intelligent, topical and thought provoking. Don’t pass up on the chance to hear him speak."
Group Managing Director, Ambition Group Ltd

"I thought the presentation was amazing...Very insightful...on a subject on which usually only one side of the information is reported."
Hong Kong

"Hagai's knowledge over a myriad of topics is remarkable and he is a most erudite speaker. As world events unfold we could not have had a more timorous talk...My only regret was that I had not engaged him to speak more than once."

Hagai M. Segal is an award-winning academic, consultant and analyst, specialising in the Middle East and Asia, radical Islamism/modern terrorism, and geo-strategic and economic risk. He is an adept and experienced keynote speaker in high demands on the corporate circuit.

Background and career

Hagai has a long track record as a consultant, analyst and advisor – to numerous banks, finance/investment houses, international corporations, business groups, security and police agencies and politicians across the globe – examining pertinent geo-strategic and economic risk factors and their effect on global and regional security and the global economy.

This includes ongoing advisory work, training and briefings for UK national counter-terror and security organisations, counter-terror police forces in Asia and Australia, and Federal agencies in the United States.

"Very professional and engaging. Informative and knowledgeable."
Martin Currie Investment Management

He serves on the London First Security & Policing Advisory Board, the Executive Advisory Committee of the Global Risk Network (an international body of senior leaders from the Public & Private sectors that addresses issues relating Risk, emergency preparedness, security, etc), the Advisory Board of the IFSEC India/Counter Terror India/Internal Security India conferences, and is a Member of the UK Council of the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, U.S. Dept. of State).

In his academic role, Hegai lectures in ‘Near and Middle-Eastern Politics’ at New York University in London, is a Visiting Lecturer at Webster Graduate School London/Regents College London, and guest lectures at Universities across the globe from the USA to Australia.

He was the recipient of the 2007/8 NYU in London Annual Teaching Award.

Hagai is a regular guest on national and international television channels (including CNN, the BBC, Sky News and CNBC), and numerous national and international radio stations. He also writes for a number of newspapers and publications around the world, including a regular Insight contribution for the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.

Hagai has participated in top-level Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Speaking Topics

Hagai M. Segal is an award-winning academic, keynote speaker, consultant and analyst, specialising in the Middle East and Asia, radical Islamism/modern terrorism, and geo-strategic and economic risk.

  • Middle-Eastern Affairs
  • Political Risk
  • Terrorism
  • Risk
  • Business Continuity
  • Emergency Preparedness

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