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Biography: Jamie Anderson - Read interview

Jamie Anderson


Others say

"Jamie was the keynote speaker for our annual Project Management conference in 2009 and, according to delegate feedback, was the best speaker we have had in the 6 year series. I would definitely consider using Jamie again. He has a powerful, pugnacious, challenging style which makes a big impact on an audience."
VP - Project Management & Methodology - Deutsche Telekom (UK) Limited

"As the director of the Global Executive Learning network called: 'the world we work in' (website: see below) I work together with Jamie on a regular basis. He contributes to our flagship Executive Development courses for Accenture, ARCADIS and Ericsson. He is an innovative thinker who bridges the academic and the corporate world with ease and who is able to respond to pragmatic as well as conceptual questions. He has got a fun and dynamic presentation style and he is able to convince at board level quickly. 'The fine art of success' is his recent book and also an autobiographical story. He explains how Madonna or Damien Hurst became successful based on incredible in depth knowledge and case studies. It is a humorous and insightful story of both leadership and strategy. He easily holds his grounds and captures a CXO or Senior Executive audience in large groups or after dinner speeches. He receives among the highest scores in our network (4.5 - 4.8 out of 5)."
Initiator 'the world we work in'

"It was a pleasure having Jamie in Hamburg, the case study of Madonna was extraordinary and thrilling. The reactions from our team were excellent, the topic is fitting perfectly to our actual situation in our textile department."

Professor Jamie Anderson has been named as one of the world's top 25 management thinkers by the  Business Strategy Review journal, alongside internationally renowned thought leaders such as Gary Hamel, Philip Kotler and Henry Mintzberg. Another industry magazine recently included Jamie as one of the 'top 40 under 40' most influential young business minds worldwide. He is an experienced and adept after dinner speaker, and keynote speaker on business and management issues.

Jamie’s case study of Lady Gaga was featured in the Financial Times, and Jamie has developed a keynote presentation around the Gaga story which focuses on lessons from her success for business. Lady Gaga is a living example of the concept ‘leadership projection’ and has strategically innovated in the music industry by re-defining customers, re-defining music as an art form, and leveraging new technologies  to connect with her market. Jamie relates all of these lessons to practicing managers.

"Jamie presented a keynote on the elements of successful strategy to a group of 250 managers and staff from the Otto Group. He used the unusual but highly entertaining case study of Madonna to communicate his message, and despite the size of the group was able to generate a high degree of energy and interaction. The reactions were consistently positive and the case study was well balanced to reach all hierarchies in the audience."

'Strategy Gaga' has been named as one of the top articles of 2013 by London Business School's management journal Business Strategy Review.

Jamie has held permanent and visiting positions at some of the world's top business schools, such London Business School, IMD and the University of Melbourne. His research and teaching focuses on strategy, innovation and brand-building in the art and luxury goods industries, and he is just as likely to talk about Picasso, Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst as he is to discuss Hermes, Cartier or Patek Philippe. Jamie's articles have appeared in publications such as California Management Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal, and he has appeared as a business commentator on BBC World, CNBC and CNN.

Jamie is passionate about the lessons that all businesses and investors can learn from the art and luxury goods industries, and his 2011 book 'The Fine Art of Success' was recently featured in The Economist. The content from the book provides the material for a range of different keynote talks that address very real business issues such as how to sustain competitive advantage, how to innovate, how to increase the value of contemporary art, and how to build multi-million dollar luxury brands. He often follows his presentations with book signings.

Speaking Topics

Jamie Anderson, Professor in Strategic Manager at Antwerp Business School and lecturer at London Business School, he has been named as one of the world's top 25 management thinkers.

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Interview with Jamie Anderson


What do you do to ensure your presentation has a lasting impact?


For me it is about having a powerful narrative and strong visuals that create an emotional response from the audience. In the words of Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said ... But people will never forget how you made them feel.”


How did the corporate speaking begin?


I spent more than ten years as a Professor at different business Schools in Australia and Europe, so keynote speaking was a natural step for me to share my research and original ideas.


Which event has been your favourite and why?


I spoke at the Creativity World Forum alongside speakers such as Malcolm Gladwell and Jimmy Wales. It was amazing to be on the stage, speaking to an audience of more than 2,500 people. I have also given a TED Talk, which I enjoyed a lot as the short length of the talk really forced me to think about how to deliver a powerful message in a compelling way.


Why do you love being a speaker?


I love the art of story telling, and to be able to engage with any size of audience. My talks are always interactive, so I also love to experiment with the choreography of the performance to do something new and exciting for the participants.


If you could speak at any event, past or future, what would it be?


I would love to do my stand-up strategy show at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, and be the first Strategy Professor to be known as a truly successful comedian!


Who would you most like to share a platform with?


I already shared a stage with Malcolm Gladwell, and would happily do so again. He is a very down to earth person, and I am amazed by the way he can join together the dots between different fields of the social sciences. My second choice would be Sir Ken Robinson as I have a strong personal interest in individual and collective creativity.


What can a typical corporate audience learn from your experiences?


That themes like creativity, innovation and leadership are easy to understand and practice in one’s own life. That business themes can be fun, and can even make people laugh.


What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday?


My passions are cycling, my family and stand-up comedy, so a perfect Sunday would involve all three (although not necessarily in that order).


What personal ambition must you fulfill before you die?


This year I achieved an amazing personal goal by participating in the World Masters Games in Torino Italy. I competed in the Cycling Road Race with more than 130 elite Masters cyclists from all over the world, and won the bronze medal. This had been a dream of mine since I raced as a teenager, so to be honest I have not yet thought about what might come next. From a professional sense, and as already mentioned above, I would love to fulfill my ambition to perform at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

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