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Biography: Jamie Moodie

Jamie Moodie


Others say

"As for Mr Moodie, his presentation was inspirational, interesting and had many novice and seasoned investors alike taking a deep breath and thinking about a few things that maybe they had not pondered for a while. Using excellent examples from the world of business, he showed how the likes of Messieurs Honda, Dyson, Branson and Bandler (NLP Guru) got started and had the right mindset to proceed. Obstacles, what obstacles?"
Property Investors Forum

"Jamie combines a practical, forthright approach with a highly inspirational style that is both effective and entertaining. He warms up his audiences and interacts with them in such a way as to engage them fully and really make them question their basic business approaches. He offers the right mix of vision and common sense, theory and example."
West London Business

"There are very few people who have a profound effect on us as individuals and Jamie had that on me. He made me feel great. I must admit afterwards I came out of it full of new ideas and full of new ways of thinking that subsequently enabled me to triple my sales in the same year!"
Sales Executive, Global IT Company

"This program was really quite something and gives us new tools and approaches to dealing with customers and our own personal lives. We learnt that solving customer's problems is not going to win deals. Getting them to articulate their vision will."
Account Manager, Global IT Company

Jamie Moodie is a very inspirational motivational and keynote speaker. Jamie ignites people to think about what is predictable and what is possible for them and to challenge self perceptions to enable them to aspire to their next, higher level of performance.

Jamie has been inspiring people for over fifteen years to challenge themselves to strive for what they really want to achieve both personally and professionally.  He has enabled many people in the corporate world, at all levels, to make extraordinary change, easily and eloquently.

Through his speaking, he offers realistic and achievable actions and activities that make an instant difference to getting quick results - results which are guaranteed to add direct value to you and your business. You learn to think in a way that moves your performance from the predictable to what is possible in every context.

Jamie’s experience in the SAS offers unique insights as to how high performance is achieved in teams where people are compelled to take on full responsibility for successes and failures, so that personal growth is a continuum.

The focus of attention is inspiring individual and team change, confidence and attitude. Jamie’s observations are that most people live life with the handbrake on, afraid of making mistakes and looking foolish. Their focus is on failure and not on taking risk and being extraordinarily successful. Jamie releases people to work outside their self imposed limitations and go for what they really want. The techniques he uses for helping people remove the barriers to achievement are simple yet profoundly effective, and give people immediate self belief.

"It is a continual challenge to keep high touch sales people at their peak, and to have them be ever more resourceful in making and creating deals. We took Jamie and his team on to help us lift our sales peoples thinking and motivation to new levels and keep it there. We recognised their coaching around a possibility mindset, applied inspiration, powerful tools and thinking was going to be infectious within our teams. The results have been very rewarding, with my country growing our sales significantly as a whole and several members out performing their own and my expectations. Whilst it is hard to be specific about the exact financial impact, I am sure it is worth many multiples of the cost in time and resource. Use them if you want to get your sales people thinking and performing at the next level to bring in more business."
Cisco Systems Ltd

With enormous energy and infectious enthusiasm, Jamie is provocative, challenging and has little respect for the status quo. He asks questions that force everyone to really look at themselves. They often comment ‘no one’s ever asked me that before!’ They are given the confidence to come out of their hiding place so that they can find their passion, confidence and their extraordinary ability to achieve and create.

Jamie has studied and applied many of the valuable tools and techniques of NLP and is a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of the Applied Psychology. He has transformed himself and others through the skilful use of this valuable toolbox and has influenced and led the change for many of the UK’s most successful businesses and people.

Jamie Moodie’s message is clear - “get your people out of the comfortable corporate entitlement armchair and kick start their attitudes with the mindset of the possibility thinker ...”

After leaving the NZ forces and NZ SAS at 21 Jamie Moodie set off around the world to discover what he was to do with his life and to find his unique contribution and purpose. He found it, how he naturally inspires people to move from predictable to possible in their thinking and attitudes. Jamie has helped many people and organisations to perform and achieve at levels they never imagined. One business directly attributed Jamie’s interventions to a £10 million growth in 12 months, while there are individuals who attribute their sales growing 300% in 12 months. Many who have experienced Jamie’s unique inspiration have made the jump from predictable to possible and have changed aspects of their thinking that have enabled them to make amazing changes to get and do more of what they want in business and life. You will be moved to look at yourself and your contribution and question what you really can do when confronted by Jamie’s inspirational speaking.

Clients include American Express, Ascom Timeplex, Cisco, DAS Omnicom, Origin, BT, Siemens, SAP, Gartner, Hewlett Packard, Visa, Rothmans, Philips, Aspen Technology, Credit Lyonnais, Credit Suisse First Boston, and Yell.

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