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Biography: Lewis Pugh

Lewis Pugh


Others say

"Lewis inspired the whole audience. Each one of us will go home thinking about our responsibilities to our future generations in a much more enlightened way."
Young President's Organization (International Chapter)

"Lewis is an exceptional speaker. His lessons on leadership, motivation and teamwork were spot on."
British Army

"Lewis has displayed remarkable determination, professionalism and singlemindedness in pursuit of his goals."
Tony Blair

"You did a magnificent speech with Al Gore! Our guests loved it."
Investec Private Bank

Business speaker, extreme adventurer and passionate ocean advocate Lewis Pugh is driven by his passion for nature to embark on adventures deemed impossible by some, but achievable with sheer determination, belief and devotion to the cause. His messages are compelling and vital for businesses at every level to survive and thrive.

In a fragile economic climate, change in business is crucial to achieve success. Lewis embraces and challenges change. An extreme swimmer and a passionate voice for conservation, he has lived through the repercussions of change and their contributing factors. To be the first human to swim across the Arctic waters of the North Pole – to achieve the impossible - requires a shift in mind-set, in synchronicity with a dramatic drop in body temperature, alongside constant focus and flexibility in order to preserve his life by avoiding killer sea-animals – crucial elements of business management.

Teamwork is also vital to the success of his exploits. The first person to swim across every Ocean in the world and lauded as Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, Lewis’ influence and endurance was enabled by those around him. His crack teams are always made of those completely committed to excellence and leaders in their field.

"An inspiring and thrilling performance!"
World Wildlife Fund

The world’s most hostile environments are his playgrounds, and Lewis’ body and mind have faced hardships and trials of endurance that are unimaginable to most. Through his adventures he dreams of making a significant difference.

The clarity and planning that allowed him to undertake the first swim across the sub-zero waters of the North Pole, and to become the first person to swim across a glacial lake on Mt Everest, provide valuable fodder for companies worldwide to glean information and strategies to allow them to turn around their fortunes and to make significant improvements.

In 2015 Lewis will undertake five swims in Antarctica to campaign for a large Marine Protected Area in the Ross Sea - one of the most incredible and diverse areas left on earth – which is now threatened by overfishing and climate change. Three of the swims will be the most southern ever undertaken.

One of Lewis’ keynote speeches on leadership was voted one of the ‘7 Most Inspiring Videos on the Web’, and his TED talks have entertained more than two and a half million people.

Lewis has appeared on various international TV news channels, and his autobiography Achieving the Impossible is a Bestseller, and was selected for Oprah’s Exclusive Book List.

Along with the Freedom of the City of London, Lewis has been bestowed with South Africa and France’s highest honours.

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