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Biography: Mark Jeffries

Mark Jeffries


Others say

"Having seen many facilitators at other events across the IT industry, I can confidently state that I have never seen one as effective, impressive and ideally suited as Mark Jeffries. Mark was able to perfectly connect our sales and marketing people to our message. With his ideas, humour and questions he turned our kickoff event into a huge success."
VP, EMEA - Progress Software

"Along with delivering a bang-on message you were able to suffuse it with intelligent humour and seemed to have the majority of the audience eating out of your hands! What a fabulous gift! I hope to see you at future events in the Vancouver area."

"In front of our multi-national audience of more than 2,000 people, Mark Jeffries displayeda rare ability to connect with everyone, and to deliver so many truly valuable tips onsmart business skills and Networking, in an entertaining and engaging way."

"Mark keynote focused the minds of our people and got them thinking more about their interactions with others both internally and externally. The importance of the tiny differentiators was a welcome angle and we were very pleased at how our people responded to this key messaging. Mark has an impressive talent for truly capturing an audience. A valuable and entertaining session."
Director, Marketing Communications, Microsoft

Before becoming a communications consultant for some of the world’s largest businesses, Mark Jeffries was a Merrill Lynch stockbroker.

His new role has taken him in various directions, including advising law firms, accountancy practices, and a wide variety of agencies and corporations.

He is also an expert on image and communications, and has created a high-profile media presence, with his appearances on news, lifestyle and finance TV programmes.

"Mark ability to understand our business and incorporate that into his keynote made for an excellent session. All of our people were talking about it afterwards and the time with Mark has truly helped to focus our people on the importance of Image, presentation and soft skills and using those skills to grow our business and client relationships."
TMW Ad agency

His time is split between the USA and Europe, where Mark moderates, facilitates and hosts major corporate conferences.

His keynote speech is entitled The Art of Networking and Business Influence, and he delivers it with a practical approach and an entertaining charm.

As a regular guest on NBC’s Today Show, Mark examines ‘Strategic Communication’ and ‘Soft Skills’. His toolbox of tips on how to innovate are the basis for his two books “What’s up with your Handshake?” & “The Art of Business Seduction” where he presents invaluable advice.

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