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Biography: Ranulph Fiennes - Read interview

Ranulph Fiennes


Speakers Corner says

“A legend in his own lifetime, incredible stories of endurance and courage.”

Others say

"Totally Enthralling, very humorous, stimulating and inspiring"
Caerphilly Business Forum

"Fantastic compere for the evening - feedback was that Ranulph was the best speaker BYPY has ever had."
Big Cat Group Limited

"Ranulph gave an extremely inspirational speech and made a big impact with the audience. He was very courteous and professional throughout the event and did all the one-on-one interviews brilliantly."
Bartle Bogle Hegarty Limited

"You inspired all of us and the participants were excited about the way in which you brought Nothing is Beyond your Reach to life."

Holder of several endurance records; prolific writer; explorer and motivational speaker, Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE has tested the limits of human endurance in the name of discovery.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Sir Ranulph Twisleton Wykeham Fiennes left Eton and served in the Royal Scots Grey regiment.

But it was in 1969 that his real adventures began. He took the helm of the British Expedition up the White Nile on a hovercraft and was hooked. The following year Ranulph led the the Jostedalsbreen Glacier expedition, and then the Transglobe Expedition, and the circumpolar trip, with his first wife Ginny.

"Ran's keynote speech was incredibly captivating, inspirational and humorous. He did a great job of understanding the audience and was very easy to work with throughout the event.To top it off, it was the first time we have had a standing ovation at this event which speaks volumes considering previous speakers include Lord Seb Coe."

Other expeditions include the Unsupported North Pole Expedition; The Artic Solo Expedition, and Seven Marathons in Seven Days on Seven Continents. In 2009 he became the first person ever to summit Everest and cross both polar ice caps.

Ranulph’s adventures have raised millions for various charities. In 1993, he was awarded an OBE for 'Human Endeavour and Charitable Services'.

In 1995 her Majesty the Queen awarded Sir Ranulph with a second clasp to the Polar award that he has previously received, he is the first person to gain a double clasp medal, each of which acknowledges both Arctic and Antarctic achievements.

In 2013 Sir Ranulph was forced to pull out of his Antarctic trek, where he planned to be the first to cross Antarctica in winter. When he took off his gloves in -33C he developed frostbite and returned to the UK.

Also a published author, Sir Ranulph has written 19 books – both fiction and non-fiction.

At the age of 62 Ranulph became a father for the first time with his second wife Louise.

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Interview with Ranulph Fiennes


What do you feel are essential qualities that a good leader must have?


Patience. Endurance. Be realistic when planning challenges but pessimistic if dealing with the unknown. Good natured and pragmatic.


You recently completed the Marathon des Sables, what can you do to top that as an achievement?


There is a project that I'm working on with Marie Curie but we have to keep it 100% confidential for fear of rivals (Norwegian usually!)


During the training for that event, how did you keep yourself motivated?


With difficulty. But helped by the knowledge that I could, if successful, make £1 million or more to pay for more Marie Curie Nurses


Of all the places that you have visited in the world, which has been your favourite?


Dhofar in Arabia


What do you think are the key elements that need to be present in a successful team?


Knowledge of what the aims are and agreement up front to do your utmost to achieve these aims. And to avoid putting your own interests in the way of those aims.

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