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Biography: Ricardo Amorim

An expert in global economy, investments and implications of economic tendencies, Ricardo Amorim has the capacity to explain the trends of the major economic landscape in a dynamic and charismatic way, making him a great international keynote and conference speaker. His knowledge of Latin American markets and the Brazilian economy specifically means he is ideally positioned to speak on the emerging markets of the BRIC economies. He delivers insightful messages with great impact to his audience.

From 1992, Ricardo Amorim has been working in the finance industry as an economist and strategist of global investments. His interest in other countries, economies and cultures means he has worked in more than 60 countries and from the beginning of 2001 lives in New York.

Ricardo is an economist at Sao Paolo University. He holds a Postgraduate degree in Administration and International Finance from ESSEC in Paris. Ricardo is also a well known presenter on Brazilian television. He is a presenter of Manhattan Connection which is one of the highest rating programmes in the Brazilian television from 1993.

"Engaging style and importantly he made the content relevant to the customer group, which was different in each market."

In 2004, Ricardo became Director of Investments Strategy and Economy for WestLB (one of the major German banks) in Latin America. Through his role, he manages a group of economists in USA, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina analyzing economic perspectives and global politics as well as developing strategies for investments in Latin America for clients of all around the world.

Before joining WestLB, Ricardo was Director of Investments Strategy for IDEAglobal in Latin America, one of the biggest investments consultancies in the world. During his time in New York he was Senior Economist and Strategist of emergent markets for the French bank BNP Paribas.  Other positions he has held in Sao Paolo includes Senior Economist in Bank Boston, Top Economist of Itau Bankers Trust Management, Risk and Economy Analysis Director in Banco Fenicia, Analyst of Economic Consultancy MCM and he taught in a Postgraduate course of Risk Management in San Marcos University.

In 2015 Ricardo was named one of the 100 most influential people in Brazil by Forbes.

Through his vast experience, Ricardo Amorim has become a leading analyst and commentator on the economy and business sector. He has written columns and appears on many major international media channels, such as Rede Globo, CNN, BBC, GloboNews, BendNews, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, GNT, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Week, Newsweek, New York Times, Time, USA Today, Washington Post, Dow Jones, Veja, Epoca, LatinFinanace, InvestNews, Clarin (Argentina), Ambito Financiero (Argentina), Reforma (Mexico), Diario Financiero (Chile), El Tiempo (Colombia) among others.

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