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Biography: Robert Holden

Robert Holden


Others say

"Thank you for your contribution to this year’s conference. As you can see, the feedback for your talk is outstanding."
Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

"What a wonderful couple of days. The feedback has been tremendous and very worthwhile. Your work with us has been a complete tonic - the buzz you have created is terrific. We are uplifted and full of hope for the future."
The Body Shop

"Brilliant presentation, very engaging, captivated the audiencecs attention"
Unilever Best Foods UK Ltd

Dr Robert Holden travels the world coaching leaders in the field of business, education, healthcare and sport. His services are retained by some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and organizations.  He is the Director of the Happiness project which has been featured in documentaires across the US, UK and numerous countries across the world

Corporate Masterclasses and International Lecturer

Robert Holden Ph.D is a first class speaker and much-loved keynote speaker. He has presented in 25 countries on success and well-being. His presentation style is entertaining and engaging, and he always researches and tailors each masterclass to suit his audience. He has presented to Accenture, CIPD, The Work Foundation, Chamber of Commerce, Business Link, Leadership Trust and Young President’s Organization.

Success Intelligence

Robert’s innovative work with leading businesses on Success Intelligence has won him international acclaim. He has designed and delivered major training seminars to thousands of professionals over the years. His chief clients include BBC, British Telecom , The Body Shop, BAE Systems, The FA, Sony Corporation and Marriott Hotels.  He has also personally coached the Directors of many Fortune 500 companies.

"Your programme for building high performance teams has been a revelation: timely, relevant and forward thinking. Thank you"

The Happiness Project

Robert is a pioneer in the field of positive psychology and personal wellbeing. He founded the Happiness Project in 1995/  He is the Director/Founder of The Happiness Project – a unique project featured in the highly successful BBC TV QED documentary called “How to be Happy” - now shown in 16 countries to over 30 million television viewers.  Robert holds a Ph.D. in the Psychology of Happiness. He has given many presentations to hospitals, Mental Health conferences, charities, hospices and also Comic Relief.


Robert’s work has been the subject of hundreds of radio, television and press features. He has been interviewed by “The Financial Times”, appeared on BBC Newsnight and been interviewed by Michael Parkinson for radio. He has been a spokesperson for many national campaigns on communication, health and well-being.

Bestselling Author

Robert is a successful author. He has written ten books, published in 14 languages, including the best-selling “Stress Busters”, “Happiness NOW”, “Shift Happens!”, “Balancing Work & Life” and “Success Intelligence” .

The Oprah Winfrey Show

Dr Robert Holden caused a stir with his humour, authenticity, wisdom and ability to talk about Happiness & Success with Oprah Winfrey on a rare live broadcast of her show. As a result, sales of Dr Holden’s book ‘Happiness Now!’ reached number 4 in the Amazon list of bestsellers which illustrates the huge positive reaction to his appearance and has seen his profile rise enormously.

Speaking Topics

  • Success Intelligencevision, purpose and success during times of fast change
  • Coaching Successsuccess is a state of mind – so is failure!  Clearing the blocks to success
  • Liberate Talent!leadership, motivation, and raising the creative capital of the workforce
  • Motivation Effecthelping people to be creative, happy and successful at work
  • Shift Happens!creative thinking during times of change
  • Stress Bustersdon’t sweat it!
  • Work-Life Balancehow to work, live, and stay sane!
  • Great Minds Don’t Think Alike! - Creativity, diversity and success for everyone 


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