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Biography: Robin Sieger - Read interview

Robin Sieger


Others say

"We have had amazing feedback from everyone including the CEO who said Robin was the best speaker he has ever seen. As well as being very funny his points were clear and most importantly absolutely relevant. Not only did I find his presentation really useful, he was a delight to work with, and made my job easier on the day."

"Thank you for the fantastic talk you gave at the HSBC conference, the audience were captivated and for 1500 delegates at the end of a long day, was an achievement in itself."

"Thank you for delivering such a dynamic and motivating presentation. I can honestly tell you that I have heard specific points you made in your speech recited many times since then"

"You might believe almost anyone could walk in front of a room and capture the hearts and minds of the audience. In reality we know this just doesn’t happen. Yet I saw the audience break out with pens take notes, and later listened to conversations around the water cooler about the presentation you gave, and their take away."
General Motors

Robin Sieger's presentations are unique because he teaches people individually and within organisations powerful, tangible ideas they can grasp and use to improve their own lives and ultimately turn potential into success. To this end Robin's keynotes are ideal for business turnaround, other topics covered include leadership and teamwork. Delegates at Robin’s sessions are often amazed they have laughed so much, yet – recounting anecdotes and stories months after his presentations – learned so much.

The former Head of Light Entertainment Development at BBC Television, Robin has a reputation of delivering high content and high value speeches customised to the client's specific needs. His instructive examples, humour and ‘hands on’ experience as a businessman, ensures that delegates can and want to apply the skills and strategies for success they have heard.

The key to Robin’s ability as a speaker, consultant and seminar leader is his charisma and belief that both organisations and individuals are born to win.

"He was motivational, uplifting and funny."
The Personal Finance Society

 “What this means” remarks Robin “is that the more we tell ourselves we are successful, the more we believe it. Successful people and organisations aren’t successful by the way they work…but by the way they think”.

In a world where companies and individuals must adapt to change to survive and thrive, Robin’s powerful messages of goal setting, leadership and teamwork ensures that they believe they can succeed and reach the next level.

Robin is the author of the best selling book 'Natural Born Winners' (published by Random House) a book which has been acknowledged as a blue print for success. It has been published in over 60 countries including Italy, Germany, Japan and China and 11 languages.  The book has also been turned into a reality show.  Robin has also released other best selling books including ‘You Can Change Your life Any Time You Want’ and '42 ways to wealth, health & happiness'.

His company runs internal and external training programmes on leadership, future vision, strategy and developing the potential of an organisation. Through the creation of a culture which embraces a powerful ‘can do’ approach - everything is possible.

Robin's desire to create the company began over twenty years ago whilst he was being treated for cancer. During this time, Robin became fascinated by the notion that success and happiness were not acts of random chance. His extensive research in the common principles of success showed him that it is not the way people work, but critically how they think that makes the difference. This understanding on the nature of success was the catalyst for the creation of the Natural Born Winners™ programme, helping people and businesses achieve new levels of productivity, performance and self-confidence.

For further information or to book Robin Sieger, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email info@speakerscorner.co.uk

Interview with Robin Sieger


Do you think you can make anyone into a Natural Born Winner?


I have learnt you cannot make anyone do anything they do not want to do, when it comes to personal/professional development. I believe if anyone is willing to give me six weeks I will equip them with the understanding and the techniques common to all high achievers and winners.


Why do you enjoy being a speaker?


I enjoy the continual learning opportunities it provides, not only from my research and studies, but also from well informed audiences who share their knowledge with me.


What do you do to ensure your presentation has a lasting impact?


I believe the truth that people forget what you say and people forget what you do, they never forget how you made them feel. Therefore I seek to engage the audience emotionally to enable them to experience state change, and not only be informed but also inspired to take action.


What do you think are essential qualities in a successful leader?


There is so much written on leadership, my three rules are 1. Be a visionary (you are there so others will follow), 2. Be authentic (we can all smell a phoney a mile away) and 3. Care about your people.


How do you relax when you are not working?


I used to skydive as it is the ultimate 'in the moment' activity but now it is golf in the summer, walking in the winter, and cooking throughout the year. If I were not a peak performance coach/speaker, I think I would like to be a chef, in a small gesture pub by the sea!

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