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Biography: Spencer West

Spencer West


Others say

"Spencer's ability to connect with our audience of school children and business executives was outstanding. His energy and positive attitude was infectious and really energized everyone. What a great event, we were so pleased to have Spencer a part of it."
Chair - Halton Region

"I want to assure you that I had pretty high expectations because I've been moved by your words in the past... And today you exceeded my expectations. Earlier this year, when I came to see you speak, I knew immediately that you were our Transitions Conference closing Keynote. And, after having the telephone conversation with you a couple of weeks ago, I was absolutely sure that you would inspire our conference delegates..."
Transitions Conference Chairperson

An Inspirational and charismatic keynote speaker and motivational speaker, Spencer West is open and candid about the struggles he overcame after losing his legs at the age of five, and how he never lost the hope or courage he needed to overcome personal obstacles. Filled with humour and humility, his thought-provoking message inspires people to find opportunity in every challenge. With every speech, Spencer leaves an indelible mark, instilling hope and strong leadership to inspire others to create positive change.
In 2008, Spencer travelled to Kenya on an international volunteer trip where he helped build a school in a rural community in the Maasai Mara. On this trip, he met young people who strive to overcome challenges every day. He credits this experience for helping him recognize his true calling—to motivate and inspire people around the world.
Since he began speaking, Spencer has reached over 20,000 students with his encouraging words. He captivated audiences of thousands at Me to We Day events with his keynote address, one of which was featured nationally on CTV and viewed by 1.8 million people.
While on the Go Global speaking tour, Spencer helped young people overcome daily challenges, offering concrete actions to find personal strength and believe in themselves as active change-makers. His words have encouraged thousands of young people to become more socially involved in their communities and around the world.

"Thank you so much for making our CEO Award nominee breakfast such a special celebration. Your personal story touched everyone and your call to action at the end was perfect! It was exactly the message we wanted to convey to our people - to support their colleagues in their volunteerism. Everyone loved meeting you and many have commented that now they feel even more compelled to continue with their volunteer work. Your enthusiasm is infectious!"
National Director of Community Leadership - KPMG Canada

Speaking Topics

Spencer West is one of the most inspiration and charismatic speakers on the circuit, with a history of overcoming extreme personal adversity, he motivates with humour and grace.

  • Inspirational
  • Motivational
  • CSR

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