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Meet The Team Meet the Team: Luis Navarro

Meet the Team: Luis Navarro

We sat down with our Account Manager, Luis to chat about the mean streets of Bexley, the 3 speakers who have surprised him the most, and the world’s best dining experience.

You’ve had some time to get settled here at the Speakers Corner towers. Can you tell us a little about your role and how you are finding working here so far?

That’s a great question. The beauty about my job is that every day is a same-but-different sort of thing – people coming to us to find the perfect speaker, host or guest for their event is always the need – but every brief is different and that’s what makes the role so enjoyable. When you suggest and secure what you think is the perfect speaker for a client and then the feedback is exactly that – it’s such a great feeling. Coming from 8 years of commercial sales roles, it’s so refreshing. The company is spot on too; everyone working flat out with lots of support for one another and help when you need it – a real family feel, especially when Hel’s got her slippers on.

We've heard you mention your Spanish heritage with a Towie twist, could you tell us a bit about where you’re from and what brought you here?

Great question. I’m from the mean streets of Bexley, born and raised. I didn’t spend much time on the playground though. The name is just a complete throw off for people that haven’t spoken to me before. Book cover and all that, striving to make everyday a life lesson. But to answer your question, my Dad’s a first generation Brit, with both sides of his family hailing from Spain.

You love football, browsing Time Out, and you almost won star baker in the office. With many hobbies, what might we find you doing outside of the office?

Fantastic question. I am 1 year into a 5 year Masters of Osteopathy degree, so that does take up a fair chunk of my time. But away from the books, I love hanging out with my fiancée, friends and family every chance I get – for gigs, sport, games of the board and card variety, food and drinks. New to the world of cycling so currently spending a lot of time out on the bike with my pals – usually consisting of riding until we find a café or pub to eat and drink in; sometimes coffee, usually ale.

Wembley Stadium

You mentioned that you've seen 100’s of speakers at events, who are 3 speakers that have surprised you the most?

That’s a really great question. Kevin Dutton, psychologist and writer. Hikaru Nakamura, five time chess grandmaster. Anna Kirsh, anthropologist and psychologist. Check these guys out, you won’t be disappointed.

If you had to choose only 3 adjectives to describe yourself, which would you choose?

Top question. Lazy……….I joke. I’d go for Trustful, Caring and Sarky.

We love asking this question - what’s your Dream Dinner guest party? Limited to 6 seats at the table.

What an amazing question. So hard to keep this to six! Assuming they have to be alive, here’s my dream guestlist: Ricky Gervais, Brian Cox, Louis Theroux, Deborah Frances-White, Sheryl Sandberg, and Frank Skinner.

I know you haven’t asked for it but I’ve given a little thought to my menu as well – opting for the world’s best dining experience; the Italian meal structure - appetiser, starter, 1st, 2nd and Main, Coffee structure:

Appetiser: A mix-up of my Mediterranean favourites; green olives, hummus, halloumi and bread
Antipasto: Something light; a soup or chowder would do the trick.
1st course: As a nod to them let’s go for a pasta and sauce situation……creamy salmon linguine.
Main: Getting back to my Spanish roots, let’s go for a Paella; meat, fish or veg – whatever best served my guests.
Desert: Anything with cinnamon; let’s go for cinnamon bread and butter pudding with custard.
Coffee: All about the liquor coffee; happy with Baileys, Amaretto or Tia Maria with a squirt of cream.

Thank you Luis!

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