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Meet The Team Meet the Team: Yogesh Patel

Meet the Team: Yogesh Patel

Hi I’m Yogesh (or Yogi, as people tend to refer to me)!

We catch up to newest one of our account managers, Yogi about his many talents and hobbies as well as his favourite speakers.

Hey Yogi, so you’ve been here over a month now, how are you finding working at Speakers Corner?

When you work at any other organisation, you might be lucky to have an annual conference or two, but it’s something else when you get to hear from these speakers almost every day. I can see it rub off on everyone in the team, you can’t help it, everybody here’s inspired by our speakers, it’s almost infectious.

What was it that drew you to the events and speaker industry?

I’ve been quite lucky to have helped run conferences for over a decade now. I began as a graphic designer, working backstage, but felt I wanted to be more involved in the planning phase. This definitely feeds the creative side of my personality.

We hear you’re a dab-hand in the kitchen, what’s your favourite thing to cook?

I reckon pastry has got to be my favourite. It’s so easy to get wrong, but you won’t know until the last minute. I love the suspense in tapping the oven waiting to take it out, hoping you don’t get disappointed.

We know you love a challenge and to learn new things. What’s the most interesting skill you’ve picked up?

I love drawing. I used to be the black sheep in the family as my sister was born with a gift for it, but I was hopeless. One day I sat down and began studying fine art and I was hooked.

What else can we find you doing in your spare time?

I love playing the piano, I read a lot, cook a lot, eat a lot. Oh does karaoke count?

From your time in the events industry, who’s been your favourite speaker that you’ve seen so far?

Ok so I get funny looks in the office because my desktop background is a slide show of my favourite speakers. The list is growing quite fast, but if I had to choose? It would have to be between Jo Fairley from Green & Blacks and John Amaechi. Jo is fantastic, and such a nice person to work with. John spoke at our Knowledge Guild recently and he has this presence that captures the audience. Both of those, don’t make me choose!

Thanks for speaking to us Yogi!

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