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Andy Pag’s World Travels in Recycled Truck

17th July 2012

A truck rescued from the scrap heap and restored in Dorset is about to complete a round-the-world journey - powered by waste vegetable oil, and with Andy Pag at the helm, reports the BBC website.

Pag began his journey in September 2009, in his Fontmell Magna, Dorset using reclaimed materials after rescuing the 22-year-old school bus from a scrap dealer.

They travelled 30,000km and passed through 25 countries.

Pag was highlighting an environmentally-friendly way of travelling, as well as finding love - after falling for an American journalist who was writing about his journey.

The vehicle has a 1,200 litre fuel tank and oil filtering system, and was converted to run on vegetable oil by Oilybits of Hartgrove, Shaftesbury.

Mr Pag says travelling around the world using waste vegetable oil has convinced him tackling "consumption-culture" is the key to reducing carbon emissions.

Finding vegetable oil thrown away by restaurants along the route has been one of the main challenges of the trip.

Mr Pag said: "The trickiest areas to find vegetable oil were in Asia, Pakistan and India.

"They don't tend to fry much food in these places and whatever oil they do use they reuse, time and time again.

"In the US vegetable oil is highly valued because they use it as animal feed, so again it was tricky to get hold of fuel here.

"At times like this I used biofuel from companies that collect vegetable oil for this purpose, instead of going to the restaurants.

"In India I found a man who extracts a muddy-type of vegetable oil from the ground, which is found there after harvest time.

"But most of the time I just made sure the tank was full before I arrived in areas where I knew I would struggle."

Mr Pag added: "We couldn't have done it without the enthusiasm and help from the strangers we've met along the road.

"The random acts of kindness have given us an overwhelming faith in how great humankind is.
"I'm as surprised as anyone that we got around the world without putting any fossil fuel in the tank."

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