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Chris Barez Brown Looks to Einstein for Inspiration

2nd September 2014

Creativity expert Chris Barez-Brown takes his ideas sky-high in the British Airways Business Life magazine as he inspires travellers to use their precious journey time to think meaningful thoughts.

In this month’s edition he invokes the spirit of one of the world’s legendary thinkers, Albert Einstein, who is rumoured to have had a sign in his office saying, "What counts cannot be counted, and what is counted often doesn't count."

Chris believes that we spend most of our time preoccupied with problems that are completely unimportant in the grand scheme of life. Dwelling on past events or looking to the future is a natural and instinctive function of the human brain, but we often overlook the importance of living in the present and enjoying life and all it has to offer.

Chris suggests that taking time on a flight to “think about what actually is important, who you really are, what it is about you that makes you unique” is a fun and useful way to pass the time.

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