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Ricardo Amorim: "Brazil's most influential economist"

Forbes 13th March 2015


Ricardo AmorimForbes, the information website for the world’s business leaders, caught up with Ricardo Amorim recently and it makes for a very interesting read indeed.

Amorim is the master of many areas: influential economist who writes for IstoÉ Magazine; TV host for one Brazil’s most popular show: Manhattan Connection; runs his own consultancy while finding time, somehow, to be a keynote speaker. Unlike the figure of speech, “jack of all trades...”, Amorim appears to not only ‘master’ them all but does so with confidence and the ability to grab people’s attention.

In the article Amorim discusses a number of areas including: Brazil’s education - it’s about the ‘teaching skills’ and poor pay; China “I think they have a credit and real-estate bubble”; the potential of the US stock market crashing and Brazil’s young, offering the following valuable advice “First invest in yourself. Second, expose yourself to other ways of living and thinking. Travel!” Advice he took himself by being educated in France and working in New York before returning to Brazil.

Ricardo Amorim, well known and respected in Brazil, is soon, surely, going to be name known across the world. A rising star who covers, not only economics, but political and cultural topics too who, by doing so, gives us a greater understanding of the world we live in.
The full article can be found here: Meet Ricardo Amorim, Brazil's Most Influential Economist, on the Forbes website.

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