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Ruby Wax on Speaker Lineup for TEDGlobal 2012

11th May 2012

The TED website has announced the list of innovative speakers who will inspire at this year’s conference, exploring the theme of Radical Openness, including comedian and corporate host Ruby Wax.

“As the world becomes ever more interconnected, the ways we relate, the means by which we learn about one another and develop mutual understanding, and the rules about what we hide and what we share are changing. That’s the inspiration for the theme — and it’ll be explored by scientists, artists, technologists, students and visionaries from around the globe.”

Full Line-Up:

Amy Cuddy, Social Psychologist
Amy O’Tool, Student
Andreas Schleicher, Education Surveyor
Andrew Blum, Network Author
Antony Gormley, Sculptor
Beau Lotto, Neuroscientist, Artist
Becci Manson, Photo Retoucher
Beth Noveck, Open-Government Expert
Boaz Almog, Quantum Researcher
Catarina Mota, Maker
Clay Shirky, Social Media Theorist
Daphne Koller, Educator
Daria Musk, Web Music Sensation
Deyan Sudjic, Curator
Don Tapscott, Visionary
Eddie Obeng, Business Educator
Ellen Jorgensen, Biologist and Community Science Advocate
Elyn Saks, Mental Health Advocate
Gabriella Coleman, Digital Anthropologist
Gerard Senehi, Experimental Mentalist
Hannah Brock, Guzheng Virtuoso
Hassine Labaied, Wind Energy Innovator
Heather Brooke, Journalist
Imogen Heap, Diva
Ivan Krastev, Public intellectual
James Stavridis, NATO Supreme Commander
Jane McGonigal, Game Designer
Jason McCue, Lawyer
Jason Silva, Tech Filmmaker
John Maeda, Artist
John Wilbanks, Data Commons Advocate
Jonathan Trent, Scientist and Biofuel Guru
Karen Thompson Walker, Novelist
Kathy Hinde, Bird Piano Creator
Keith Chen, Behavioral Economist
Kirby Ferguson, Filmmaker and Remixer
Laura Snyder, Science Historian
Leslie Chang, Journalist
Macy Gray, Singer/Songwriter
Malte Spitz, Politician and Data Activist
Marc Goodman, Future Crime Expert
Marco Tempest, Techno-illusionist
Margaret Heffernan, Management Thinker
Massimo Banzi, Physical Computing Guru
Matthew Mills and Tamara Roukaerts, Technologists
Maurizio Seracini, Art Diagnostician
Michael Anti, Blogger
Michael Hansmeyer, Computational Architect
Mina Bissell, Cancer Researcher
Mohsin Saeed Khan, Social Health Expert
Natasha Paremski, Pianist
Neil Harbisson, Sonochromatic Cyborg Artist
Pankaj Ghemawat, Globalization Thinker
Parag Khanna, Global Theorist; Guest Host at TEDGlobal 2012
Preston Reed, Revolutionary Guitarist
Rachel Botsman, Sharing Innovator
Raghu Dixit, Fusion Musician
Ramesh Raskar, Femtophotographer
Read Montague, Behavioral Neuroscientist
Robert Legato, Visual Effects Guru
Robert Neuwirth, Author
Robin Chase, Transport Networker
Robyn Meredith, Journalist
Ruby Wax, Comedian and Mental Health Activist
Sanjay Pradhan, Development Leader
Sarah Caddick, Neuroscientist and Policy Advisor; Guest Host at TEDGlobal 2012
Sarah Slean, Musician
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Cognitive Neuroscientist
Shimon Schocken, Computer Scientist, Educator
Shyam Sankar, Data Intelligence Agent
Susan Solomon, Stem Cell Advocate
Usman Riaz, Percussive Guitartist
Vicki Arroyo, Environmental Policy Influencer
Vikram Patel, Healthcare advocate
Wayne McGregor, Dancer and Choreographer

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