Virtual Masterclass: Speaking With Confidence


The pandemic has created a revolution in how we communicate with our teams, peers, colleagues and customers. Our skill set is no longer refined to how we present ourselves in person but also the virtual world too.

Glossophobia, (the fear of public speaking), is incredibly common and can inhibit our chances of career progression by up to 15%. However this isn’t just restricted to public speaking, but it extends to the confidence employees have across all levels to raise their hands, put forward their ideas and articulate their views.

Building your teams presentation and communication creates an environment where confidence breeds success.

Our MD Nick Gold, author of ‘Speaking With Confidence’, published by Penguin Business Experts, will host a fireside Q&A with 4 speakers discussing their story and why it’s vital businesses invest into their teams communications skills for this new normal.

Register and join us for our next virtual masterclass on Thursday 18th February at 3PM.


 Nigel Risner


Nigel Risner draws on his 'animal theory' to explain how different personality types have their own style of communication. Nigel uses a lion, elephant, monkey and dolphin to demonstrate how teams can benefit from the interplay of its different members. Nigel, who was one of the youngest CEO's in the City of London where he ran a successful finance company, has also been working with organisations to boost their interaction with teams while we work remotely. We're delighted Nigel's joining us for our next virtual event. 

Daisy McAndrew


A popular host, Daisy McAndrew is the former Economics Editor and Chief Political Correspondent for ITV News and will bring a wealth of expertise to share with our audience. Daisy, who has been hosting virtual events since lockdown began, knows many a trick to get your audience onside from the first minute and we're delighted she'll be joining us to pass on her vast knowledge!

Colin Maclachlan


As you can probably imagine, Colin Maclachlan, ex-SAS operative and star of Channel Four's reality TV drama SAS: Who Dares Wins, has plenty of exciting stories to share. But Colin's ability is to tell the story while weaving in business messages that leave the audience with something tangible to take away is what makes him a highly rated keynote speaker. We're looking forward to hearing how Colin made this happen!

Maggie Alphonsi


Maggie Alphonsi was an integral member of the England Rugby Women's Team as they became World Champions in 2014. Since then, Maggie has become a household name, becoming the first ever former female player to commentate on the men's game when she was signed up to be part of ITV's 2015 Rugby World Cup television coverage, and continues to be a well-known pundit. Maggie, an incredible speaker who shares her inspiring journey to the very top of the game, knows what it takes to perform both on the pitch and on the stage, and we're delighted she'll be joining us for this event.

A reminder, if you haven't registered yet, you can do so by visiting this link. All attendees will have the opportunity to receive a copy of Nick Gold's book 'Speaking With Confidence'. 

Speakers Corner Connects Showcase Series has been curated to show event organisers how the power of the spoken word can be delivered via a virtual platform during social distancing measures. It’s never been more important to be inspired by some of the greatest humans to have walked this planet.

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