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Biography: Antonio Carluccio

In September 2008, Antonio Carluccio, the much loved and respected Italian cookery writer, celebrated 50 years of championing, cooking and eating genuine, regional Italian food and wine. Known for his gentle manner, gruff voice and his wild crop of white hair, Antonio, the Godfather of Italian gastronomy joins the corporate circuit for keynote speaking, after dinner speaking or teambuilding workshops.

Early Influences

Antonio was born in Vietri sul Mare in the province of Salerno. His father was the railway station master and moved with his family to Castel Nuovo Belbo and then to Borgofranco D'Ivrea, both in Piedmont. Antonio was always the food hunter and learnt his passion for mushrooms from friends of his father, in the hills around his home. After a spell in the Navy, Antonio worked as a correspondent for La Stampa of Turin and then with Olivetti. He moved to Vienna, studying languages and learning about café society and then to Germany where he became a wine merchant, which was also his occupation when he moved to London.


Antonio took over the Neal Street Restaurant in Covent Garden in 1981, which traded for 26 years. In 1991 Antonio opened a deli next to the restaurant and in 1998 started the first Carluccio's Caffè in Market Place, London. After ten years developing the Carluccio's caffè business Antonio is no longer a director but continues to work with the Carluccio's team on menu development and chef training whilst also concentrating on new projects.

Television Programmes, Books & DVDs

In 1983 he made his first appearance on BBC2 and at the same time was asked to write his first book 'An Invitation to Italian Cooking'. Subsequently he has written twelve books, published worldwide. During the eighties he contributed to numerous "Food and Drink" programmes, including a twelve part series following the regions of Italy.

"I wish to thank you immensely for attending An evening with an Italian Knight at the Italian Centre as the guest of honour. Your exuberance, passion and enjoyment of storytelling was a showstopper. It was quite amazing to see a room of 350 seasoned 5 star diners all breathlessly silent, concentrating, listening to your every word and then within seconds erupt into laughter like they have been hypnotized at the snap of your fingers. Amazing! The knowledge you impart, personal experiences and opinions you shared with us was truly memorable. And you sure know how to make us laugh! Thank you again. Wishing you all the best health and happiness and I look forward to seeing you soon the next time you are in Australia."
Managing Director

Southern Italian Feast DVD

Antonio's series, Southern Italian Feast, is now available. A programme about  Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa's novel, Carluccio and The Leopard, comes as a bonus DVD with the series

Antonio Carluccio's Italia
A celebration of the regional gastronomy of Italy - essential for anyone with a genuine interest in Italian food. Antonio Carluccio weaves together vital information on each region's character and culinary traditions with valuable insights into cheeses, wines and speciality dishes.

The Complete Mushroom Book: The Quiet Hunt
Antonio Carluccio's expertise in mushrooms is unrivalled and this book will not disappoint. Here you can find over 100 mouthwatering recipes that make the most of readily available mushrooms in dishes ranging from classic to contemporary.

An Invitation to Italian Cooking
In this beautifully presented book, Antonio Carluccio invites you to share his love of Italian cooking and eating. With 150 recipes, inspired by the culinary traditions of each and every region of Italy, you are introduced to and encouraged to enjoy original Italian food at its very best.

Antonio Carluccio's Vegetables
Vegetables are central to Italian culinary heritage so it is little wonder that its repertoire of vegetable recipes is so rich. With over forty years of experience in both collecting and creating vegetable based recipes, Antonio Carluccio guides us through the many processes of successfully buying, storing and cultivating fresh produce in order to create nutritious and wholesome Italian food.

Antonio Carluccio Goes Wild
Antonio Carluccio is Britain's leading exponent of Italian cooking and a renowned authority of wild food, from stinging nettles and crab apples to truffles, strawberries, samphire and crayfish. His enthusiasm for these foods radiates from the page as he once again 'goes wild'.

Antonio Carluccio's Southern Italian Feast
Celebrate the culinary delights of Southern Italian culture with Antonio's collection of award winning recipes. Sample the region's intensely evocative flavours, textures and colours in his essential guide to Mediterranean food.

Carluccio's Complete Italian Food
Written by one of the greatest authorities on the subject, containing over 200 recipes and illustrated by over 300 colour photographs, Carluccio's Complete Italian Food is the definitive book for every lover of Italian food to refer to and enjoy time and again.

Antonio Carluccio's Italian Feast
A collection of over 100 recipes by Antonio Carluccio, Italian food's greatest champion, that take the best of the old and the most delicious of the modern to create food that is as full of passion as it is flavour. Antonio also sets a context behind his recipes and identifies some of the issues behind Italian culture such as politics, football and fashion, for a taste of the country behind the cuisine.

Passion for Pasta
Pasta's huge variety of shapes, textures and flavours makes it the perfect basis for all kinds of meals - from sophisticated dinner parties to simple suppers at home.  In this fully revised and updated edition, Antonio Carluccio once again shares with you his Passion for Pasta, providing innovative and exciting recipes for soups, main courses, salads and even desserts to promote this staple ingredient of traditional Italian cookery to the rank of haute cuisine.

Corporate Events

Antonio Carluccio is available for corporate cookery teambuilding events and as a keynote speaker. He is an excellent and humorous anecdotal after dinner speaker.

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