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Biography: Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart


Others say

"Colonel Stewart was purely magnificent. The humility of the man. How he conveyed his very personal story in such a frank and often moving way was simply inspiring. This sentiment has been echoed by the large number of delegates who have taken the time to contact me with feedback on the event."
South Wales Police

"We are delighted with the results of our conference programme this year, your hard work has paid off and the delegate audience were impressed with the level of your knowledge and your speaker delivery."
City Directors Financial Forum

"The boot camp workshop was very informative and your stories were very inspiring. It was really interesting to understand more about your approach – mission, factors and planning. These are very transferable ideas for business, and I liked the fact you could keep it on one sheet of paper, very straight to the point, with a simple visual to reinforce it. Thanks very much again for your time, your ideas, your stories and your courage. Truly inspiring."

"Your speech was inspired and thought provoking and has energised our senior and middle managers to bring improvement firmly back on their agenda. The key role of excellent leadership during times of change came through loud and clear. Thank you for giving us your time, experience and learning."
British Nuclear Group

Colonel Bob Stewart DSO MP, or "Bosnia Bob" became a familiar face to television viewers around the world as he handled the intricacies of Balkan politics - crossing borders when he wasn’t supposed to, negotiating and then manoeuvring his way to keep the peace, delivering much needed aid to the most lawless country that Europe has seen in many years. Commissioned into the British Army in 1969 after officer training he was sent to University where he took a First Class degree in International Politics and Strategy.

Service as an intelligence officer in Northern Ireland led to his return for a further tour as an infantry company commander. He was the officer tasked with control and response to the Ballykelly bombing in 1982, gaining the personal commendation of the GOC Northern Ireland for his actions.

"Inspiring, thought provoking presentation."

For the next seven years his appointments covered aspects of Operations at the Ministry of Defence and a spell at the Joint Services Staff College. He then became Military Assistant to the highest-ranking NATO officer at NATO Headquarters.

In 1991 he became the first British United Nations Commander in Bosnia.

Following his return from Bosnia he became Chief of Policy at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe for two years before leaving the Army and joining Hill & Knowlton’s Political Affairs and Corporate Policy Division.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership in Adverse Circumstances
  • Crisis Management
  • Team Building
  • Defence Policies
  • Military Power

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