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Biography: Frank Dick

Frank Dick


Others say

"Frank's energy and enthusiasm was a wonderful injection for us and his ideas and messages were carried through into the second day of our conference and indeed back into the day to day business."
Westinghouse Rail Systems Limited

"Frank took on board our brief and executed it to perfection. We couldn't have asked for anything else. He proved to be an excellent start to our conference and our coaches thought he was fantastic. We definitely made a good choice!"
County Durham Sport

"Thanks for creating such a hugely positive influence on our staff. The overwhelming response was that your session was the best we've ever had at one of our conferences."
Royal Scottish Assurance

"Frank was inspirational and brilliant. Any more words would not do him justice."

Frank Dick is renowned as one of the country’s best and most consistently inspiring motivational speakers.  Frank Dick is the current Chair of Scottish Athletics, President of the European Athletics Coaches Association, Member of the IAAF Coaches Commission, as well as Chair (and architect) of the IAAF Academy.

From 1974 to 1994 he was the British Athletics Federation' s Director of Coaching, where he was widely acknowledged as one of the outstanding sports coaches in the world.  In this position Frank Dick coached athletes such as Daley Thompson, Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe to European, Olympic and World honours.  He also created training programmes for individuals such as Gerhard Berger and Boris Becker to name but a few.

Frank  has combined his talent for inspiring sporting achievement with the business world.  By recognising the synergy between effective coaching techniques on the playing field and in the office, over the years he has developed a range of inspirational keynote speech themes, workshop topics and bespoke employee development programmes that remain as popular and relevant today as ever.

His expertise derives from years of detailed research into individual success and achievement. Frank combines this wealth of knowledge and experience into an informative and motivational approach to achieving long-lasting transformation of both individual and team performance.

"comments from evaluations were 'Best of the Day so far', ' excellent has us on an emotional rollercaster', 'motivating', 'fantastic privilege to listen to'"
Association of Convenience Stores

With a history of sporting excellence through coaching some of the best talent in the world he has, over the past 20 years of speaking to 100’s of companies both in the UK and around the world, recognised six key areas of personal and professional development that, once taken out of a “training room” mentality and put into a different context, can lead to individual and team progress simply by giving a different perspective.

Author of three major publications, 'Sports Training Principles', 'Winning' and 'Winning Lines', all classics in their fields.  Frank’s book ‘Winning Matters’ was published in August 2010. 

Frank’s contribution to sport and coaching has been recognised in being awarded an OBE in 1989, induction to the UK Coaches Hall of Fame in 1999 and the prestigious title "UK Sporting Hero" by Sport UK in 2001.

He is currently preparing teams for Olympic and Paralympic games with ‘The Road to Rio 2016 campaign’.

Speaking Topics:

“The Winning Difference”

  • Creating the right motivational atmosphere in the workplace.

“Team Talk”

  • Everyone in the team has a value; team achievement is about understanding and developing strength of diversity and not encouraging uniformity.

Coaching Matters”

  • The development of the individual into an effective, inspiring and educational manager can be key to team and business success.

“Leading Edge

  • Truly great leaders understand that being a part of the team is more effective than just leading it, and it is the mastering of this challenge that can lead to personal and professional excellence.

“Talent - from Potential to Performance”

  • Perform better today than yesterday by doing different things and doing things differently; being able to manage the performance of emerging talent increases the potential for growth and success.

“Prepared to Win”

  • We cannot always choose and change our conditions and circumstances, but we can always choose and change our attitude.

New Presentation

“Performing in Adversity – The Lessons to be Learnt From Sport”

Frank’s presentation looks at how to coach your team through the difficult climate ahead. Frank’s speech looks at managing present attitudes and preparation in adversity, increasing light and reducing heat in creating a climate to make progress.

Working closely with companies and events has shown that the six themes mentioned above work either as individual concepts or collectively, dependant upon the objectives of the occasion.

For further information or to book Frank Dick, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email info@speakerscorner.co.uk

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