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Biography: Nigel Lawson

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Lord Nigel Lawson is a highly regarded conference keynote speaker and after dinner speaker. He is an internationally esteemed and highly experienced authority on all aspects of economic policy.

He was Chancellor of the Exchequer between June 1983 and October 1989. His tenure in that office was longer than that of any of his predecessors since David Lloyd George (1908 - 1915) eventually surpassed by Gordon Brown in 2003.

Lord Lawson is Chairman of Oxford Investment Partners, majority owned by a number of leading Oxford Colleges, and also of Central Europe Trust, an advisory and private equity firm focused on Central and Eastern Europe. He is also past President of the British Institute of Energy Economics.

One of Lord Lawson's major interests has been the economics and politics of global warming, about which he has written a best-selling book, An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming, which has now appeared in a number of foreign language editions.

"Lord Lawson gives the benefit of his experience and articulates a classic Conservative view of the world."

Lord Lawson began his career as a financial journalist and progressed to the position of editor of The Spectator before becoming a Member of Parliament in 1974.

On the election of Margaret Thatcher's government, Lord Lawson was appointed to the position of Financial Secretary to the Treasury.

He went on to become Minister for Energy where he had responsibility for the privatisation of the energy sector before becoming  Chancellor of the Exchequer in succession to Geoffrey Howe in 1993 holding the post for the greater part of the Thatcher years.  He was a key figure alongside Margaret Thatcher in shaping Britain's fiscal and economic policies.

Lord Lawson's widely acclaimed book The View From No. 11 - Memoirs of a Tory Radical shares with the reader his political and economic views and also addresses the issues of the ERM, the single European currency, unemployment, Europe and the nature of modern democracy.

Lord Lawson's expertise on the European economic landscape is an invaluable asset for conferences and dinners.  He is an experienced keynote and after dinner speaker and his knowledge of the global economy and the current economic impact of climate change is of huge benefit for the corporate sector.

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