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Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Speakers

The economic and social value of diversity, equality and inclusion is more important than ever. Now has never been a more crucial time to hear from diverse perspectives on how businesses can do better at ensuring for a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

Diversity Speakers for Companies

Hear from individuals from communities from all walks of life, including LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergence, share their unique stories and give tangible advice about combatting adversity in the workplace, the reality of The Glass Ceiling; along with the incredibly inspiring disabled individuals who campaign for equal opportunities.

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Sophia Thakur
C   C: £5K - £10K   Pushing the boundaries of poetry and literature, Sophia delivers powerful messages on topics ranging from mental health and diversity to the key issue of the day.
B   B: £10K - £15K   An inspirational and charismatic keynote and motivational speaker, Spencer West is open and candid about the struggles he overcame after losing his legs at the age of five, and how he never lost the hope or courage he needed to overcome personal obstacles.
C   C: £5K - £10K   Stef’s a Paralympic medalist long jumper, World Record holder and World Champion. She is also a qualified bio-chemist (specialising in stem cell research), broadcaster and as a model she was the first ever amputee to model at London Fashion Week. As an acclaimed keynote speaker, she has given inspirational talks at events around the world.
D   D: £3K - £5K   When Steve Cunningham speaks at a conference or event, "even the most hard bitten of audiences find it tough to disguise a watery eye or lump in the throat".
A   A: £15K & Over   One of Forbes ‘World's 100 Most Powerful Women’, Sue Gardner, formerly Director of Wikimedia, Sue is pioneering the future of the internet.
A   A: £15K & Over   VENTURI Formula E Team Principal, Susie Wolff, began her competitive motorsport career over twenty years ago. Susie went on to make history at the 2014 British Grand Prix by becoming the first woman to take part in a Formula 1 race weekend.
C   C: £5K - £10K   Suzi Perry is an experienced and well-loved TV presenter and awards host and is the female face of UK TV motorcycling.
E   E: < £3K   Dr Suzy Walton, mother of 7, is a former Senior Civil Servant in the Ministry of Defence. She is the former Vice-President of the Royal Society of Medicine and the Royal Society of Arts.
A   A: £15K & Over   Tan Le is an innovator, inventor & entrepreneur, and is the Founder and CEO of EMOTIV, a neuroengineering company specialising in breakthrough brain interface technology.
B   B: £10K - £15K   Tania de Jong is one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs and innovators and was recently named in the 100 Women of Influence and the 100 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in Australia.
C   C: £5K - £10K   Britain's most successful paralympic athlete, Tanni is an esteemed ambassador for disabled athletes and popular motivational speaker.
A   A: £15K & Over   Bestselling author, Harvard Fellow and Cambridge PhD graduate, Tara Westover shares her moving story in 'Educated' and how she escaped from a life with her survivalist parents by pursuing higher education.
C   C: £5K - £10K   Professor Tim Soutphommasane was recently appointed Chief Diversity Officer at the University of Oxford. He is a human rights advocate, expert on diversity and culture, and political thinker. He was previously Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner.
A   A: £15K & Over   Tina Brown is an award-winning journalist, editor and author. Between 1979 and 2001, she was editor-in-chief of Tatler, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Talk. She has launched and edited The Daily Beast, founded Women in the World and written 2022’s The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor – The Truth and Turmoil.
A   A: £15K & Over   Diver, Tom Daley is Britain's youngest Olympian and European Gold Medalist. Winning countless medals, he is a brilliant ambassador for Great Britain.
E   E: < £3K   On 5th May 2013, Victoria Milligan’s whole life changed - from a happily married mother of four, to an amputee, widow and the single parent of her three surviving children.

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