We work with over 8,000 speakers covering the most popular topics booked by corporate event organisers. However, if you have a particular niche subject area you require a speaker, host, or facilitator for, then our team are up for that particular challenge too.  


Inspiring mountaineers, intrepid explorers, brave sailors and extraordinary pioneers are ready to share their stories and captivate your audience


Extraordinary individuals who have achieved incredible feats while battling all manner of adverse circumstances.

Arts & Culture

Whether plucking a guitar string, proclaiming a sonnet, or swishing a paint brush, arts and culture comprise a vital and enriching part of our lives.


Our business keynote speakers are perfect for any big or small enterprise looking to inspire their employees to reach their full potential.


Business speakers specialising in change management in times of growth, restructuring or downsizing.

Customer Service

Experts who can inspire companies to turn their fortunes around with the help of some sage advice.

Design & Manufacture

Experts who bring to life the portable items we use every day to fantastic feats of engineering and architecture.

Diversity & Equality

Gender, age, ethnicity, disability, education: the economic and social value of diversity, equality and inclusion is increasingly being recognised.


Our education and academic speakers deliver incredible lessons both in and outside the classroom!


Musical acts ranging from household names to West End productions to cutting edge Street Dance performers.


Entrepreneurial speakers with experience in the trials and tribulations of running, owning and trying to grow a business.

Finance & Economics

Economists, politicians, business commentators, presenters, futurists and academic professors.

Food & Drink

Celebrity chefs, TV wine experts and food related speakers who will bring a touch of taste to your event.


A futurist keynote speaker often makes the perfect opening to a conference or strategy away day.

HR & People Management

Who are your employees? What makes them tick? Without people, an organisation would simply comprise empty buildings.

Human Rights & Philanthropy

These philanthropists, humanitarians and champions of human rights are icons of conviction, hard work and energy as they strive to improve the lives of others.


Our innovation speakers are perfect for audiences to become more effective, maximize competitive advantage and learn how to innovate.

International Affairs

Globally renowned conference and keynote speakers whose expertise range from politics to green issues.


Keynote speakers from a diverse array of backgrounds specialising in effective leadership, management and teamwork.

Marketing & Branding

Marketing, advertising, branding and business keynote speakers to inspire audiences and set businesses on the path to success

Physical & Mental Health & Wellbeing

Physical & Mental Health, and Wellbeing Speakers, who help others to improve their performance in work and life.

Politics & Current Affairs

Book a political or current affairs speaker for your upcoming political or General Election themed event


With the rising popularity of property TV shows, we have never been more excited about bricks and mortar.


Our host of retail speakers and experts are perfect to discuss and educate on the evolving retail industry.


A sound sales strategy is vital to a prosperous business that hopes to generate revenue in the next week, month or quarter.


These lab coat-clad researchers and champions of the STEM subjects are poised to educate and entertain in explosive ways.

Security & Risk

Experts in security at major events, and gurus of the new cyber crime wave.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In are now the heart of business and these speakers address the dynamic field.


Inspirational and driven, a sports keynote speaker will motivate and impress audiences with their passion and unparalleled work-ethic.

Sustainability & Environment

Our sustainability and environment speakers put into practice the responsibility that we are all aware of but need guidance on how to implement.

TV Presenters

TV and radio presenters bring glamour and professionalism to an event, as awards hosts or facilitators.


Teamwork is central to business success, and these speakers will inspire and motivate your audience so they become greater than the sum of their parts.


In a world where technology is core to politics, sport, business and the arts, technology speakers are in high demand.

Transport & Travel

Business ideas truly take flight with our expert keynote speakers in transport and travel at the controls.

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