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PLASTIC, shifting from convenience to the curse, what do our experts say

As part of #plasticfreejuly, we asked several environmental experts, Chris Hines, Michael Pawlyn, Sally Uren and Hannah Pathak, for their opinions about plastics and where we are in terms of reducing plastic pollution. They offered some amazing insights about this issue.
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8 Sustainability Speakers To Help You Make A Difference

In light of the huge environmental challenges the world is facing, we have rounded up 8 amazing speakers who interact with the theme of sustainability. Their stories work to transform environmental apathy, and while no two speakers are the same, their prevalence only enhances how widespread sustainability is as an issue.
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How to rebuild a damaged reputation

Nick Gold   Our MD Nick Gold discusses the critical steps you need to make when re-building a damaged reputation.
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How to deliver a big speech to celebrate a big occasion

Nick Gold   Our MD Nick Gold discusses the most important steps to consider when making a speech to celebrate a big occasion.
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Speakers Corner Mental Health Virtual Showcase

Rob Newton   Hosted by Anna Mathur, Alastair Campbell, Petra Velozboer, and Laura Hearn will speak for around 15 minutes each, before a panel discussion to discuss questions taken from the live audience.
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How to support staff mental health in a post-pandemic world

Nick Gold   As we enter a new, post-pandemic world, the mental health epidemic isn't receding anytime soon. Our MD Nick Gold explores how to support staff mental health in a post-pandemic world.
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How businesses can adapt to a shrinking, ageing workforce

Nick Gold   The UK is currently experiencing skills shortages, a shrinking talent pool, and an ageing population. The ratio of working people to retirees is now 3:1 — a decrease of 50% since the 1960s. By 2035, it’s predicted the ratio will be 2:1. Our MD Nick Gold shares his thoughts on this predicament.
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How to create B2B brand attachment that leads to sustained business growth

Nick Gold   B2B brand attachment is vital for success but in this post-pandemic world, the relationship between customer and supplier is evolving. During the past few months we've received more client briefs looking for speakers to help with this topic, so our MD Nick Gold has penned some of his thoughts in this blog post.
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2 Years On From The Pandemic: What We've Learnt About Virtual Events

Nick Gold   Our MD Nick Gold discusses the state of play 2 years on from the pandemic and what we've learnt about how to run successful virtual events.
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Lessons in leadership, change, and competition from the IASB perspective during a pandemic

Nick Gold   Nick Gold was President of the International Association of Speaker Bureaus from April 2020 to April 2021 and discusses the challenges they faced during the pandemic.
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10 Awe-Inspiring Author Keynote Speakers For World Book Day

Rob Newton   Share awe-inspiring stories and motivate your staff this World Book Day by hiring an author to speak at your event.

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