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Finance & Economics

This crisis is resetting the way we look at finance and economics. From market disruptions and rapidly shifting economies, expert finance and economic speakers can share key trends and help you navigate changing markets by offering relevant, sector-specific insights to help your team deliver dynamic results. From an extensive network of economists, politicians, business commentators, presenters, futurists and academic professors, discover new and creative ways to set the agenda from an economic perspective and help your business implement key take-away action points straightaway.

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Richard Davies

C   C: £5K - £10K   Keynote speaker Richard Davies served as economics advisor to George Osborne at HM Treasury from 2015 to 2016.

Robert Peston

B   B: £10K - £15K   Robert Peston is a former award-winning Business Editor at the BBC and current Political Editor at ITV.

Robert Ward

A   A: £15K & Over   Robert Ward is the Global Forecasting Director at the Economist Intelligence Unit and a world economy expert.

Robyn Meredith

A   A: £15K & Over   Robyn Meredith is one of the world's best-respected Asia analysts

Roger Bootle

C   C: £5K - £10K   Roger Bootle's expertise and knowledge of the economic landscape, makes him a highly sought after keynote speaker.

Rohan Silva

C   C: £5K - £10K   A global thought leader on the relationship between public policy and innovation, Rohan Silva has an unrivalled perspective on technology’s potential to transform public services and drive economic growth and job creation

Ros Altmann

C   C: £5K - £10K   Baroness Ros Altmann is an independent expert on pensions policy, investment banking, savings and retirement.

Roy Vella

C   C: £5K - £10K   A mobile financial services expert, a master of metaphor and an engaging storyteller, Roy Vella advises players large and small on how to deliver remarkable experiences through their mobile efforts.

Rupert Pennant-Rea

C   C: £5K - £10K   Rupert Pennant-Rea has had a varied career as economist, journalist, central banker and businessman. He is a knowledgebale and impressive keynote speaker.

Sallie Krawcheck

A   A: £15K & Over   Sallie Krawcheck is the former Bank of America and Citigroup executive and has encouraged the presence of women in business. Sallie is recognised as one of the most senior women on Wall Street.

Sally Bundock

POA   POA: Contact Us   Sally is the host of Business Live on BBC News and BBC World News, she has covered many historic and momentous events.

Sasha Qadri

E   E: < £3K   Experienced TV news presenter Sasha Qadri is a moderator of events on the impact of digital disruption and how businesses are reacting to the rapid pace of digital change in a technology-driven society.

Scott Bales

A   A: £15K & Over   Scott Bales is a global futurist, innovation & digital strategist, serial entrepreneur and TEDx speaker.

Sebastian Pinera

A   A: £15K & Over   Harvard trained economist Sebastián Piñera, a businessman-turned-politician, was Chile’s first Conservative president in decades.

Sherron Watkins

A   A: £15K & Over   Lauded by the world’s press for her courage, Sherron Watkins blew the whistle at Enron. She is now keynote speaker on the loss of trust in companies and in the international banking system.

Simon Jack

C   C: £5K - £10K   Simon Jack is a financial journalist, broadcaster, and the BBC's Business Editor. He is also currently the Business and Economic Correspondent on Radio 4’s Today programme.



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