5 Key Tips to Choose the Best Speaker for Your Event

We know successful events deliver unique, memorable experiences for event attendees, providing them with important and practical lessons which can be applied either at work or at home.

Choosing the right speaker, or speakers, for your next event is one of your critical success factors. Regardless of whether the event is for internal or external delegates, from seminars to workshops, conferences to exhibitions, awards and after-dinner hosts, we've got 5 key tips to ensure you choose the best speaker for your event.

1. Clarify the objectives of your event

We often see or hear clients providing us with the name of a speaker they would like to present at their event. When we start to explore the events aims and objectives, we sometimes find the speaker requested might not be the best person to help achieve those KPIs.

It's vital to ensure your speaker can deliver the goals of your event.

Start by identifying the core KPIs of the event and then think who could be the right speaker to help you deliver this. Whether this is an internal or external speaker or even a ‘headline name’, event organisers need to ensure they are choosing the best speaker for their event rather than the best name.

2. Extract maximum value from your speaker

When you're building the event schedule consider how your speaker, or even your keynote speaker, can provide additional value. For example, if the keynote speaker is opening the conference, why not see if the speaker can stay at the event for a period of time afterwards? Perhaps they could faciliate a meeting or lunch/networking break with VIP delegates or company staff? This informal setting is conducive to following up key topics from the speech and also provides an excellent opportunity for delegates to tap into the speakers expertise.

To drum up marketing awareness, perhaps your speaker has a new book out and if so could they do a book signing? Or are they a speaker with a cult following who would pose for selfies? This type of added extra really leaves a lasting memory with delegates, making your event that extra bit special. However, it's key to address this up front with your speaker and included in your initial agreement.

3. Drive marketing awareness and build pre-event buzz

All event organisers know the lead up to the event is a the most critical time to highlighting the key benefits and learning points for delegates. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the speaker’s expertise to release preview content and set the scene for delegates. If you get this right it can help you achieve your event goals.

We find it's important to be upfront at the start with your speaker about what you would like them to do. Understand their role might not be to endorse your brand or event, but to highlight their story and expertise.

Pre-event interviews, blogs, tweets, video teasers are all great marketing initiatives which can build momentum.

4. Ensure you provide the best opportunity for the speaker to deliver

We all perform at our maximum capabilities when we're in the best environment to do our jobs.

With speakers this is no different, so a good suggestion is to have a briefing call with your speaker before the event. Here you can discuss the objectives, what you wish to achieve, the attendee profile, wider content to be delivered and of course what they need to do what they do best.

Ensuring the pre-event logistics go smoothly is of course incredibly important - no one likes being late! A pre-event briefing call is the perfect opportunity to forsee any problems and prevent them ahead of time.

5. Once the event finishes...

To ensure you hit your objectives, we need to consider how the event remains at the forefront of their mind once delegates leave. Leaving a legacy is one sure fire way to do this, ensuring the delegates leave motivated and inspired to achieve greater success.

The ideal scenario will be for delegates to leave with a clear roadmap to change, think differently and/or to improve themselves and their company.

Proactive follow-up marketing is one way to achieve this. Consider how to keep the content fresh in delegates minds. How can you use your marketing channels to reinforce key messages and ensure the impact lasts.

How to Select the Best Speaker for Your Event

Hopefully we've given you some useful tips and advice to help you choose the best speaker for your next event.

It's of course important to consider if you have a budget or not to hire an expert speaker, and if so, who can provide the maximum ROI.

If you would like some advice then we'd be happy to help. One of our friendly and experienced (and best of all, impartial) Account Managers will be available to help you find the perfect speaker, comedian, host or facilitator for your event.

Contact us  today and we'll be happy to help.

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