How to Innovate for Remote Teams

A year into the pandemic we now understand teams are used to working remotely. Indeed, there is an acceptance from business leaders that the office/remote working hybrid model is here to stay.

The challenge for businesses is how to replicate the creativity that stems from in-person meetings; be that formal away days, impromptu meetings, or water-cooler moments. Not all of our staff will be in the office at the same time, 5 days a week, so waiting for physical meetings will slow down the pace of innovation.

Our next showcase is going to veer away from the norm. We're going to deliver an interactive creativity workshop demonstrating how teams can be brought together online and let the magic happen!

The showcase will take place on Thursday 20th May at 2PM. Register your place today .

Duncan Wardle is the former Vice President for Innovation and Creativity at Walt Disney Company where he led teams to deliver creative inventions across all of Disney’s corporate divisions. Duncan's last role at Disney was as Vice President of Innovation and Creativity, leading a team to think of creative inventions across all Disney’s corporate divisions. Prior to this, Duncan was Vice President Global PR for Disney Parks around the world. In his thirty-year career, Duncan has served as an executive for the Walt Disney Company in London, Paris, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Shanghai.

Duncan has been a trailblazer in delivering virtual presentations and workshops, and we’re excited to see what he comes up with during this virtual showcase.

Tom Morley

Tom Morley was the original drummer and a founder member of Scritti Politti, the 1980s band who used to make up half their songs on stage. Science has recently proved that drummers experience the world differently. Their acute sense of rhythm means they see patterns everywhere, including patterns of behaviour, so we can’t wait to see how Tom brings our audience together and deliver a memorable, but inspiring performance.

Discover how the magic of Disney, and the beat of the drum, can work together to inspire your teams. Join us on Thursday 20 May at 2PM!

Speakers Corner Connects Showcase Series  has been curated to show event organisers how the power of the spoken word can be delivered via a virtual platform during social distancing measures. It’s never been more important to be inspired by some of the greatest humans to have walked this planet.

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