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  • Adventure


    Inspiring mountaineers, intrepid explorers, brave sailors and extraordinary pioneers.

  • Adversity


    Extraordinary individuals who achieved their goals despite less-than-perfect circumstances.

  • Arts & Culture

    Arts & Culture

    Whether plucking a guitar string, proclaiming a sonnet, or swishing a paint brush, arts and culture comprise a vital and enriching part of our lives.

  • Business


    Entrepreneurs, journalists and board executives - all experts in leadership, innovation, change and teamwork.

  • Change


    Business speakers specialising in change management in times of growth, restructuring or downsizing.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    Experts who can inspire companies to turn their fortunes around with the help of some sage advice.

  • Design & Manufacture

    Design & Manufacture

    Experts who bring to life the portable items we use every day to fantastic feats of engineering and architecture.

  • Diversity & Equality

    Diversity & Equality

    Gender, age, ethnicity, disability, education: the economic and social value of diversity, equality and inclusion is increasingly being recognised.

  • Education


    Experts on education, these speakers know that knowledge is power.

  • Entertainment


    Musical acts ranging from household names to West End productions to cutting edge Street Dance performers.

  • Entrepreneurs


    Engaging speakers with experience in the trials and tribulations of running, owning and trying to grow a business.

  • Finance & Economics

    Finance & Economics

    Economists, politicians, business commentators, presenters, futurists and academic professors.

  • Food & Drink

    Food & Drink

    Celebrity chefs, TV wine experts and food related speakers who will bring a touch of taste to your event.

  • Futurists


    Futurists, analysts, academics, media commentators, digital technology and social media experts.

  • Health & Wellbeing

    Health & Wellbeing

    Productive psychologists and experts in health and wellbeing who help others to improve their performance in work and life.

  • HR & People Management

    HR & People Management

    Who are your employees? What makes them tick? Without people, an organisation would simply comprise empty buildings.

  • Human Rights & Philanthropy

    Human Rights & Philanthropy

    These philanthropists, humanitarians and champions of human rights are icons of conviction, hard work and energy as they strive to improve the lives of others.

  • Innovation


    Speakers to ensure effectiveness, maximize competitive advantage and learning how to innovate.

  • International Affairs

    International Affairs

    Globally renowned conference and keynote speakers whose expertise range from politics to green issues.

  • Leadership


    Speakers from a diverse array of backgrounds specialising in effective leadership, management and teamwork.

  • Marketing & Branding

    Marketing & Branding

    Marketing, advertising, branding and business experts for conference keynotes, forums and panel debates.

  • Politics & Current Affairs

    Politics & Current Affairs

    The most astute, charismatic and knowledgeable orators, with the ability to inspire and influence.

  • Property


    With the rising popularity of property TV shows, we have never been more excited about bricks and mortar.

  • Retail


    Entrepreneurs who have changed the face of the UK high street with innovative and successful projects.

  • Sales


    A sound sales strategy is vital to a prosperous business that hopes to generate revenue in the next week, month or quarter.

  • Science


    These lab coat-clad researchers and champions of the STEM subjects are poised to educate and entertain in explosive ways.

  • Security & Risk

    Security & Risk

    Experts in security at major events, and gurus of the new cyber crime wave.

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In are now the heart of business and these speakers address the dynamic field.

  • Sport


    Inspirational and driven, they motivate and impress with their passion and unparalleled work-ethic.

  • Sustainability & Environment

    Sustainability & Environment

    They put into practice the responsibility that we are all aware of but need guidance on how to implement.

  • Teamwork


    Teamwork is central to business success, and these speakers will inspire and motivate in any sector.

  • Technology


    In a world where technology is core to politics, sport, business and the arts, technology speakers are in high demand.

  • Transport & Travel

    Transport & Travel

    Business ideas truly take flight with experts in transport and travel at the controls.

  • TV Presenters

    TV Presenters

    TV and radio presenters bring glamour and professionalism to an event, as awards hosts or facilitators.

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