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Event agencies

When it comes to organising events, agencies are experts in their field – from venues to guest lists; from catering to music, and from invitations to timings, they’ve got it all under control – so where do we come in? Speakers Corner sources the perfect after dinner speaker, motivational speaker, keynote speaker or host to bring the event together and to create the perfect affair.

Energy oil and gas

Electricity, wind-power, solar power, gas & oil are all sources of energy which power our world. Innovation and foresight are key to finding the answer to sustainable to forms of energy, and our clients are always on the lookout for speakers with knowledge, gravitas and vision about what the future holds for energy.


Whether it’s the NHS or other health-related charities or organisations, clients turn to Speakers Corner for speakers with insight, knowledge or first-hand experience of the issues which they represent. The healthcare client will always expect a sensitive and intelligent speaker who can relate to their cause and purpose.


Speakers Corner’s client list comprises businesses immersed in justice – criminal, civil, corporate, and a whole spectrum of legal worlds. Expressly particular about the speakers they employ, they must be knowledgeable, engaging and above all, must hold the attention of roomfuls of lawyers – all with intricate legal matters on the brain!


Speakers Corner works with TV & Radio stations, production companies, journalistic organisations and new media companies. We find the most forward thinking, cutting edge speakers, who can entertain, inspire and devote the length of an entire keynote speech to expressing visions of a future which is increasingly influenced by the media

IT & Technology

From social media to engineering, Speakers Corner’s clients in the world of Tech and IT are involved in the constantly changing realms of technology, internet and the ‘cloud’. Speakers who can eloquently exemplify cutting edge commercial digital strategies or futurists who can see beyond a happy and exciting horizon are the most popular picks for our techy clients.


Is the high street a gonner? Is online shopping the future? At Speakers Corner we have opinions – but with no real insight (apart from the shopaholics in our midst), we turn to our top retail speakers who are always best placed to have a punt! They range from TV’s top retail personalities, to those who have travelled the entrepreneurial road.

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