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2015 World Diving Chess Championship hits London

2nd July 2015


chess-1.jpgThe 2015 World Diving Chess Championship comes to London in August, run by the Mind Sports Olympiad.

Diving Chess is like normal chess but played in a swimming pool with a submerged chessboard. Each player can only think as long as they are able to hold their breath. Once you’ve made a move and come up for air, your opponent must dive and cannot come back up until they’ve played a move, and then it’s your turn to dive again.

“I thought it would be nice to have some sort of sport version where the body type or the gender didn’t matter,” says Etan Ilfeld, the inventor of the sport. “So then I had this epiphany about bringing chess into the pool. Regular chess is played with a clock. If you play in a pool, it depends on breath control,” says Ilfeld.

The waterproof, weighted board and magnetic pieces are at the bottom of the pool and are part of the Mind Sports Olympiad - a grand celebration of every kind of mental strategy game, from card games to Scrabble, and from chess to less popular board games such as Ticket to Ride.



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