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A lovely, moving donation to The Olympic Museum

30th August 2010

Recently, at The Olympic Museum, we welcomed two lovely champions: Stéphane Lambiel, the Swiss skater with an impressive record (twice world champion, twice European runner-up, silver medallist in Turin in 2006, and bronze medallist in the world championships); and Joannie Rochette, the talented Canadian skater who won a bronze medal in Vancouver last February, and who courageously competed in the events only two days after the sudden death of her mother.

These two young athletes came to make a donation to The Olympic Museum: Lambiel donated the zebra-striped suit he wore when he won the Olympic silver medal, and Rochette donated the first dress she wore in her Olympic short programme.

Olympic Museum Curator Frédérique Jamolli welcomed the young athletes and recalled how their performances, be it in Turin or Vancouver, had enthused and excited the general public, whom they had both won over.

Stéphane Lambiel and Joannie Rochette then received the Olympic Museum’s traditional donor’s certificate and signed the guest book. They both said that it was both a pleasure and an honour to make their donations, in the hope that these two outfits would provoke the same emotions in the visitors as they had felt themselves.

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