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Adventurer Mark Beaumont Cycles Cairo to Cape Town in Record Time

26th May 2015


mb1.jpgHaving covered speaker and adventurer Mark Beaumont’s incredible journey previously and following him on Twitter regularly, we were very glad to hear he completed the gruelling Cairo to Cape Town journey on a bike in 41 days 10 hours and 22 minutes; a whopping 18 days under the old record of – according to Beaumont – 59 days.

The stats have to be double checked and verified by the Guinness World Records but it looks like Mark will have smashed the previous record by averaging, towards the end,  200 miles a day (or 16 hours in the saddle) with the overall average still being an extraordinary 160 miles a day.

At 5.22pm local time on Thursday 21 May arrived at Mouillie Point, Cape Town and was welcomed, he says, by ‘Chris Trott, the British Council General in South Africa for official verification, my family, sponsors, press and lots of members of the public’ and adding that ‘the support online, across social media has been massive’.

The Africa Solo expedition has managed to raise the profile and funds for Orkidstudio, a grassroots Scottish based charity which is a humanitarian design organisation whose focus is to benefit children and communities worldwide through innovative architecture and construction.

In recalling some of the highlights of the trip Mark had this to say ‘A real highlight of the journey was night-riding in northern Botswana with elephants and giraffes at the roadside - exciting and a bit scary! And Sudan was probably my favourite country, with a warm welcome and perfect roads’.

As is often the case in these ‘solo’ journeys, there is very much a team around them and Mark was quick to thank his family, sponsors and corporate partners who assisted in logistics and getting his family out to meet him at the finish.

He said it will take a few weeks for the pains of cycling such an epic journey to subside and once he’s back in the UK he will start writing up his journey.

Picture courtesy of Mark Beaumont

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