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Alan Moore Supports Local Motors

28th May 2013

Journalist, Alan Moore recently wrote an article about the US based car company Local Motors and showed his respect for how the company operates.

Local Motors aims to introduce a new revolution of cars, bringing to the market safer, more functional, lightweight and efficient cars. In his article Alan talks about the local motors factory and how it is much less expensive to set up, run and maintain, allowing the company to use the rest of the money for design aspects and giving them the ability to create higher quality products.

Alan also looks at the interaction Local Motors has with the public, they recently started a participatory platform called The Forge, a design scheme for a new vehicle that allowed designers and innovators to contribute. The result of their first vehicle competition was 44,000 designs submitted and 3600 innovators shared their knowledge. Alan’s opinion on the public involvement is that “Local Motors attracts innovators because it is creating and releasing social and intellectual capital into a common pool.”

People buying a Rally Fighter from Local Motors are able to go and spend six days with a mechanic designing and building their car. Alan writes that Local Motors “innovates through engaging enthusiasts who are passionate about car design and engineering, and uses competition as both risk mitigator and innovation accelerator.”

The other advantages of Local Motors is that they have spent time building smaller factories in order to produce more local jobs and money can be distributed back into the local community. To conclude Alan showed his respect for the Local Motors Company stating “Local Motors is an example of lightweight, flexible and adaptive business that can work at unprecedented velocities and where sociability is embedded into the very fabric of the process.”

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