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Allan Pease Talks about Business with his Wife

5th June 2013

Body language expert and motivational speaker, Allan Pease teamed up with his wife Barbara when they realised that two people would be more effective than one and they began to run their business together.

Together Allan and Barbara have sold more than 25 million books, made nine TV series on human behaviour, had a No.1 European movie, are translated into 53 languages and have presented in 66 countries.

The happy couple met at a presentation Allan was giving and Barbara attended to learn more material in order to teach her students communications skills and they have been together since. When they met, Allan had built the beginnings of a successful business and the introduction of Barbara’s marketing knowledge made the business even better.

In the 1990’s there was an unfortunate incident where an accountant took all they had earned from the business and Allan and Barbara were forced to start from the beginning, this is when Pease International was built. With their new business, they decided to focus more on what the consumer wanted to read than on what they wanted to write about and thus their books were highly successful. This change meant that their book sales soared and they went from selling thousands of copies to selling millions.

The couple believe that in order for a business like theirs to succeed it is important to separate work and home life, Allan states that “you have to disconnect. When you’re not at work, you’re not at work.” They also state that it is important to make decisions together otherwise something will go wrong. Lastly the Peases believe that it is beneficial to make business a family affair with Allan saying “When a couple works together, it creates an positive that’s great business and an educational exercise for kids, too.”

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