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Alexis Conran Hustling America

10th September 2013


Alexis Conran’s new show ‘Alexis Conran Hustling America’ aired for the first time last night on Channel 5.

Alexis is a popular security and risk speaker and is well known for his role in the BBC programme ‘The Real Hustle’. In the first episode of his new show he goes to Missouri to see if he has the skills to hustle the mid westerners and he hopes to learn some tricks from the deceased hustling legend, Titanic Thomson.

Alexis shows some very impressive hustling, he makes bets with shops assistants and car salesmen in order to get a nicer car and a free hat, both of which he wins through the art of hustling.

In order to win the car, he bet the car salesmen that he could throw a walnut further than him; he slyly switched his walnut with one he had previously filled with lead, making it heavier and easier to throw a further distance.

Later in the show, he wins a bet with a hotel manager, allowing him to sleep in the Al Capone hotel suite. Unfortunately for Alexis, his last hustle, which was one of Titanic Thomson’s old tricks, didn’t work as he had planned and after losing the bet he had to take a dip in an ice cold river.

We suggest you watch Alexis’s new show in order to learn some tricks of the trade!

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