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Andrew Strauss Must Not be Lost To Cricket

3rd October 2012

Steve James of The Telegraph hopes that the former England captain Andrew Strauss will continue to inspire UK cricket.

Strauss has always done what was best for the team, as he did when he announced his retirement.

“I’d run my race,” said Strauss. He always led from the front, successfully. He is bright and rounded; ambitious and ready for challenges.

James hopes that he will somehow find his way into cricket administration as, in his opinion, too few former players tread that path, and with Strauss’ strong views both on the running of a cricket team and of the game itself.

“When he took over as England captain Strauss immediately encouraged personal responsibility, as well as the compilation of a team charter,” says James. “One key line was: “The team is not a lease car.” In other words do not treat it as if to be returned with little attention to its condition.”

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