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Andy Hanselman Talks Twitter

17th July 2012

Keynote speaker Andy Hanselman speaks to Management Issues website about customers who tweet and expect a response. If they don’t get one, the result is customer disappointment.

“A new report from Maritz Research has underlined both the increasing expectations of customers who make a comment about a business on social media and the challenges facing businesses when it comes to meeting these expectations. It suggests that half (51%) of people who make a complaint on line expect a response, but more than eight out of 10 (85%) have never received one.”

Hanselman surmises that although some time ago an online response would have sufficed, expectations have now risen so that a speedy and personal response is expected.

One of the main points highlighted by the report is that feedback makes people feel good. Younger people are more likely to prefer public feedback on Facebook or Twitter, but older clients prefer more traditional methods of communication.

He warns about ignoring marketing messages, and losing business.

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