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Apple Bytes Back...

27th May 2010

Apple is on a roll at the moment and whatever you think of the new iPad - due to be launched tomorrow at the flagship store in London - there is no denying the phenomenal success of Apple as a brand and technology leader.  Yesterday, they became the most valuable tech company in the world (based on market value) leading the field and taking over from Microsoft for the first time since 1989. Their current market value is estimated at $222 billion and they are now second only to Exxon in the most valuable US company stakes.  There are many lessons to be learnt – Apple not only revels in marketing terms, but also manages to deliver, and fans such as Stephen Fry cannot wait for the UK launch tomorrow.  Stephen is a very keen advocate of the benefits of technology communication and user-friendly applications and will soon be judging the Twitter competition at the Guardian Hay festival for the most beautiful “Tweet” ever tweeted.  Apple has managed to achieve the kind of hype reserved for celebrities alone these days, with a new gadget the size of a magazine.

Companies are falling over themselves to create the latest applications for the iPad, and News International have launched an application to give you access to The Times and Sunday Times at the touch of a button.  If you’re headed on a long journey and fancy a game of Scrabble you have it all, and you’ll never lose a letter ever again!  Formula 1 2010 is there for the motor racing fans, and if you’re hungry on the way home and fancy some pasta but have no idea what to make, the Epicurious app will not only search over 25,000 recipes to give you the perfect dish, it will also combine the recipes you select to create a shopping list – all at the touch of a button on the way home from the office. 

Ray Kurzweil, Donald Marchand, and Margaret Manning are all on hand if you ever need a technology expert to give you a fantastic keynote and discuss the incredible success of Apple’s journey through the minefield of digital communications.  Dan Germain (Head of Creative at Innocent), another leading UK brand, Matt Kingdon (co-founder of ?What If!) and David Magliano  (Director of Marketing for London’s successful 2012 Olympics bid) are here to give you all the up-to-date marketing knowledge you need to get ahead and become a market leader – and ensure that even the cult of celebrity is falling at your feet.

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