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Armando Iannucci Speaks About New Comedy ‘Veep’

15th October 2013

Comedian, actor and after dinner speaker, Armando Ianucci was recently interviewed about his new show ‘Veep’, which has returned to Sky Atlantic.

Veep is a comedy about the Vice President of the United States played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who is making it her mission to gain more power. Armando states that the British viewers do not need to understand the particulars of US politics to understand and enjoy the show.

Armando gave his opinion on British television saying “they seem to be playing it safe-drama in the UK is much bolder...but you get mainstream comedies which are far more conventional.” When speaking about the differences between US and UK television Armando stated “There’s a much bigger budget and four times the amount of people involved. In the UK we are always economising.”

In 2013 Armando was awarded an OBE, which he was happy to receive but he said “you can get awards but musn’t think ‘I’ll stop now’-you have to keep trying harder”.  When asked if he had any unfulfilled career ambitions, Armando replied “I’d like to do a big action movie. Something with lots of explosions and chases- and maybe spaceships.”

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