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Baby Boom is good for Business

2nd October 2013

Business speaker and former chairman of Pizza Express, Luke Johnson, believes that the UK’s current baby boom is good for our economy.

Luke points out that Britain is in the midst of a major baby boom and there are no signs of this coming to an end in the near future. He acknowledges that critics see the baby boom as a problem for the UK, they worry that there is not enough space for the growing population.

However Luke states that “we are much better off living in a country with a growing population than a stagnant, rapidly ageing one. Places such as Japan, Russia, Germany and even Italy face difficult times ahead if their birth rates don't improve.” In Luke’s opinion it is better to have an increased number of young families earning and spending money, than an ageing population who are retired and less likely to spend money.

Luke is aware of the affects that our growing population will have on Britain’s infrastructure and that changes will have to be made for schools, housing and healthcare. Yet he remains positive, stating “the desire to start a family also shows a confidence in our society. We should be proud of that, and be pleased that so many people see Britain as a desirable place to live and have children.”

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