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BBC’s What If? Looks to the Future

30th January 2013

The BBC has launched a series of programmes about what the future holds. The ‘What If’ series looks at what will come if a number of theories are put to the test, and  also incorporates a global competition inviting audiences to create their own vision of the future.

What If? Poses some thought-provoking questions about how the world will look in 50 years’ time?

  • What if humans and robots sat down together?
  • What if we were all cyborgs?
  • What if we stayed young forever?
  • What if we all had a car?
  • What if we could decide our own form of government?
  • What if – the new tech billionaires?
  • What if women ruled the world?
  • What if Africa was the new hub of global science?
  • What if there was a better way of finding love?
  • What if we all lived in a smart city?
  • What if soldiers were machines?
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