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Bear Grylls Says there’s No Place Like Home

8th June 2011

TV adventurer Bear Grylls speaks to the Sunday Times about his love of travelling and the equal thrill he gets from coming home.

“Filming Born Survivor takes me to places where humans have never set foot before, which is a great privilege. At first I get so enthusiastic, I think I must take the family back and cruise around, but then it’s full-on for days on end and I can’t wait to get home.”

Bear owns a small island with a lighthouse in which he spends his summers with his wife and three sons. This is not a conventional holiday house – there is no mains electricity or running water.  They have picnics on the beach and sail around looking for ice creams, newspapers and sometimes company!

They sail, canoe, explore caves, and Bear teaches his boys the adventuring skills he learnt as a child.

When Bear travelled round India with friends, he used to ride on roofs of trains and when he caught his first glimpse of Mount Everest he was captivated by the idea of climbing it.
Bear’s travelling experiences have not always been plain sailing.

“I’ve been caught in rock falls, bitten by snakes and once landed on top of a 17ft tiger shark when diving off my raft.”

When Bear’s television contracts ends in 2014 he plans to take a year out to travel with his family.

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