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Boris Johnson urges UK mobile phone networks to provide new technology for the London Olympics 2012

3rd December 2009

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, is calling on the UK's mobile phone networks to develop new technologies for the 2012 London Olympics.  He believes that in this technological age, we all should be able to watch 3D video clips and get up-to-date information on our handsets, make the 2012 London Olympics the first to use this type of technology in the history of the Olympics.

"I want Londoners and visitors alike to be buzzing with the excitement of the Games as they happne, wherever they are in the city," Boris said "I want everyone to share in the same information at the same time and the key to achieving this is through the one item we never part with - our mobile phones."

Johnson is also keen for the networks to enable consumers to pay for smaller purchases, such as a cup of coffee, with their handsets.

967 days until the 2012 Olympics

1000 days to go until the 2012 Paralympics

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