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Looking Back On TED – The Full Spectrum

1st March 2012

TED, the non-profit conference showcasing Ideas Worth Spreading, kicked off its annual U.S. event in California with over 100 storytellers, educators, photographers, scientific pioneers and visionaries from all over the world, the theme was ‘Full Spectrum’. Speakers Corner boasts a vast selection of TED speakers, past and present, available for corporate events, including Dr. Rachel Armstrong, Chris Anderson, Rory Bremner, Tim Harford, Magnus Lindkvist, Charles Hazlewoodand Nic Marks.

"This year we've assembled our most diverse group of speakers yet, and challenged them to share their ideas in remarkable new ways," said Chris Anderson, TED's curator. "We anticipate blizzards of images, new uses of music, extravagant use of under-used senses, intricate choreography between speaker and screen, new ways of involving the audience, breakthroughs in animation, and intense, campfire-style storytelling – all designed to make a lasting impression on the viewers in the room and at home."

The conference was streamed live to thousands of people around the globe. 

Some of the most inspirational Speakers at TED 2012 included:
• Michael Tilson Thomas, summarising the history of music in 18 minutes
• Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee on the women's peace movement
• Regina Dugan on the latest innovations out of the U.S. military's research arm, DARPA
• "Man on Wire" Philippe Petit, tight-rope artist
• Steve Pinker, experimental psychologist and linguist 
• Surgeon Dr. Atul Gawande on the power of checklists
• James Hansen, on bringing climate change to public attention

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