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Castaway 2007

7th March 2007

Castaway returns seven years on with a new shape and new twists but the same underlying intentions: take a group of Brits as far away from their current lives as possible – physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Let them explore what's really important to them and discover how they shape their community.

Speakers Corner have close connections with Great Barrier Island - the far away place that will soon be known to many. For some information about the island click here http://www.shoalbaylodge.co.nz/

Presented by Danny Wallace, the show tosses together a group of Castaways that will reflect all aspects of British life: variety of ages; all backgrounds; a variety of skills or none; a range of personalities. But all will have something to offer and strong reasons for wanting to be part of Castaway.

The castaways will explore the best ways to live in close quarters with people they may not have much in common with, draw on personal skills to develop the infrastructure of the island and, in the process, discover more about themselves as individuals.

In the previous series, there was just one set of castaways; this time the group will evolve throughout the three months of the project, and one viewer will be able to join the experiment in New Zealand during the run.

Each week, live on BBC One, the castaways will have to make a group decision that will have a crucial effect on their lives.

So watch the castaways get used to their new lives away from modern-day stresses and the mod cons they've grown used to, and don’t miss a low-down on the daily twists and turns of camp life here on bbc.co.uk/castaway and on Castaway: The Last 24 Hours on BBC Three from Monday to Thursday.

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